Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Which animal do you think is the wackiest, wildest and weirdest?

Jungle Jack’s Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World
By Jack Hanna
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book
A wacky, wild, and weird look at animals through the eyes of Jungle Jack Hanna!

Have you ever seen a naked mole rat? Do you know what a binturong is? Do you know what kind of bird has a deadly kick? Explore the world's wackiest, wildest, and weirdest animals with expert and host Jungle Jack Hanna. The book features thirty animals that are wacky, weird, or wild. Kids will learn amazing animal facts and stories of Jungle Jack's personal adventures with some of these unique creatures. The book includes a bonus DVD with hilarious bloopers from his Emmy award-winning show, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild, and other shows from his career.

Who is Jack Hanna?
Jack Hanna is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo. In addition to writing award-winning children's books, he also hosts the Emmy-award winning, Into the Wild show. He and his animals are frequent and favorite guests of David Letterman and Larry King.

My Thoughts
My kids were really excited when this book arrived at home. It didn’t take long that the boys were sitting together on a sofa and turning the pages to look at the animals. I’m glad my kids love learning about the animals that we can find everywhere. God was particularly creative with every one of them – think about the platypus for example. Simply amazing!

We learned some interesting facts about some of the most bizarre animals. Did you know that the platypus is toothless and that this special animal is venomous as well? That a bird exists with blue feet –the Blue-Footed Booby? That the binturong helps to replant the rain forest with its droppings? Finally, did you know that there are 300 species of puffer fish? I didn’t and I know more about the animals in this book now…

All through the book, Jack is showing us how God thought of everything when he created these animals. It’s amazing to learn new fact about animals. In a way, it has though we can get close to our Creator by understanding the different particularities of the animals. There are facts after facts on many animals and just reading this book could be a good science lesson.
The book comes with a special DVD that contains bloopers from the various shows that Jack Hanna had taped in the past. I laughed out loud with him when I saw it. Makes you realize that it isn’t easy to tape a show with live animals. And in case you are wondering – turtles do fart… *grin*

This book is just wonderful. I will gladly include it in our library and refer to it every time we will visit a zoo. The book is packed with pictures and very colorful to attract the eyes of the children. You will also learn what an animal eat, where they live, how big they get as well as interesting information about each of them. For example, as humans we have about 600-800 muscles in our body. However, the elephant has about 40,000 muscles in his trunk alone. Yes –you’ve read right all in the trunk. No wonder, elephants can pick up trees with it!!!
I strongly recommend this book. This book is different from the other ones I have seen or read in the past. It’s worth the price – believe me. Homeschoolers, if you kids love to learn more about animals, go get Jungle Jack’s Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World. You won’t regret it!

Jungle Jack’s Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World is sold everywhere even on amazon.ca and indigo.ca.

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