Thursday, June 4, 2009

When I grow up, I wanna be....

WannaBe Series – When I grow up, I want to be… A Firefighter

Recently, I have been asked to preview a new series of e-book published by the Old Schoolhouse. And here's my review for the first e-book of the series.

My first thought when I saw the e-book on the work of a firefighter was – Impressive! This e-book is complete to say the least. It has everything to inform the child who reads it about this impressive kind of work from history to reality and even some experiment, copy work and fun activities to do. My only sad note that I have is that I would have like more pictures in it like the different gears of a firefighter and a fire truck.

In the building code section, the person who is writing says “Do you remember when I told you I live and work in the southwest United States?”. However, in the previous pages there is no mention of that. That got me confused a little bit because I don’t know who is talking really. Also in the part My Life as a Firefighter, it would be nice to know who is talking and maybe include a picture of the person as well. I think this would make it more realistic for the reader. Besides, it would be clearer to know if it’s the same person writing throughout the whole e-book.

I really like that you can find a quiz as well as exercises to practice writing. And you learn a lot about robotic arms too! However, I am left wondering if firefighters are using such a device in their work. I don’t recall seeing such information in the previous text. I think TOS took a lot of time to include all aspects of homeschooling in this e-book going from language art to mathematics as well as sciences. I am very impressed with the quality and the number of activities you can find in this e-book.

I must honestly say that I am impressed with this new series. I am looking forward to see what other books will be included in this series.

Continue the good work! It is a well-thought series and it is very informative for the kids. I give it a two thumbs up!

Right now, there is a promotion for this series. Buy 10 books from the series for only 49$. For more information, please look at the promo link.

Oh. And in case you are wondering what I wanted to be when I was younger - I always love animals and wanted to be a vetenarian... but I wasn't too good in chemistry so I switched my options and went into administration when I was in College which lead me to the HEC in Montreal. There I thought that being an accountant would be good but I got hooked in Systems Analysis ie Information Technology in which I did both my bachelor and my Master es Sciences.

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