Saturday, April 11, 2009

A miracle...

... literally.   I called mom last night and asked if we could come.   The conversation was okay in itself with the usual comments but she agreed for us to come down on Monday.  Which is a miracle in itself since she refused to let us come since over a year now...  I don't want to go in details about it.  I'm just glad we can go - know what I mean?

Anyhow, having said that, hubby said last night that maybe we won't be able to go.  NO!   Hubby has been sick with sinusitis since a week.  He is now on medications but he wonders if he will feel better before Monday.  Sure hope so.  And baby Jasmine has a runny nose now.   Mind you, they probably got it from me because 2 weeks ago I have sinusitis and vertigo because the infection went into my inner ear.   Not fun believe me...  I'm just glad that the sinusitis is gone.  The vertigo is mostly gone... sometimes I feel it again but most days it's gone.   I don't wish that to anyone.   It is the worst feeling in the world I think - especially when it last a few days.  Yack!

Anyhow, if you happen to read this, please pray for my sick loved ones and for the visit.   Thanks.  

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  1. I know what a step this would be.

    Praying you're all feeling well enough to make the trip!