Monday, April 27, 2009

Discovering the New Testament while being creative!

I discovered Homeschool In The Woods a couple of years ago through a friend who was using their timeline figures. I am now a proud owner of the timeline figures CD and we use it while doing our history lessons. But this time, I was able to discover another product that Homeschool In The Woods has. Homeschool in the Woods has come up with an interesting way of studying the New Testament. The child will create a lapbook at the same time as learning about Jesus, the disciples and Paul while using the New Testament Activity Pack.

The activities included in this lapbook are The Lineage from David to Jesus, Birth of Jesus, Miracles of Jesus, The Beatitudes, Fruit of the Spirit, The Parables of Jesus, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection, The Ascension, Pentecost, Prophesies Fulfilled, The Twelve Disciples, Paul’s Missionary Journeys and Postcards from Paul. You will also create a newspaper call The New Testament News as well as a poster with The Armor of God which you can personalize with a picture of your child in it.

I used the product with my oldest son, Alexandre. We had fun to create this lap book. Alexandre was able to go through the major stories in the New Testament and also discover the various travels made by Paul. As I write this, we are not completely finished with it. I can’t wait to do the armor of God with him and put his lovely face as the soldier. I really enjoy sitting down with him and guiding him in putting the lapbook together. The images are well done and the activities are just wonderful. The Last Supper is especially interesting as you have to make sure that the arms of Jesus move up and down while he is presenting the bread and the wine. This Activity Pack is packed (literally!) with very well illustrated stories from the New Testament. We really enjoy working on the beatitudes as we learned to create a pizza book. That was very fun! It was a pleasure to see my son sharing what he did with his dad when it was done. So sweet!

What is even more interesting with this vendor if that you can have the same kind of activity pack for the Old Testament. And this product is on my want-it list for next year. In the meantime, we will finish the New Testament and enjoy spending time learning about Jesus, the early church and Paul’s missions. I am especially looking forward to create the NEW TESTAMENT NEWS. I am keeping this activity for the end as a wrap-up of all the information we learned while doing the lapbook.

I strongly recommend that you visit Homeschool In The Woods to discover the various activity packs as well as their other products they have for your students. The New Testament Activity Pack is priced at 18.95$ US for the download version or 19.95$ US for the CD version. What is nice about the download edition is that you don’t have to pay shipping since you get it immediately. You can then keep the file on your PC and use it whenever you want to. This product is recommended for grades 3-8 but my son is finishing is grade 2 and was able to do the activities without problems.

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