Monday, April 20, 2009

The busyness of week-ends...

... well usually it's not that busy but this past week-end we had something on Saturday and on Sunday.


Homeschool conference in my area.   My in-laws looked after the kids while hubby and I went to the conference.   It was a one-day thing this year and I was a bit disappointed with the reduced numbers of vendors this year.   Sad.   On the other hand I went to great sessions and we got all the curriculum I had on my list.   We are officially ready for grade 3 and Senior Kindergarten with a bit of Junior Kindergarten.   I was surprised to see some products from Memoria Press there as well as Artistic Pursuits.   Interesting.   I had comments from people telling me they look forward to my reviews in the Newsletters and one lady said she is seriously thinking to ge tthe Spears Art Studio for her daughter who loves to draw.   Super!  I told her again that it was totally worth it.    I also won a price foro being there but by the time my name got out - there wasn't much left so I got 2 subs from Subway for free and we had free supper... *grin* I also made contact with NECTAR Foundation and got some free software to reviews from them.   And the guy also gave me a little bag with pink lemonade as a thanks for reviewing the products.    I got 4 CDs in French from him and I also have a bunch in English to look into as well.   So it was productive.   Hubby also made contact with the rep from HSLDA - they talked a lot and connected well I think.   Interesting.

Sunday - We packed the kids and drove to Montreal to visit my mom.   It went well I think.   I shall see how it goes in the weeks to come.   My poor Alexandre asked us when we will see her again and if it will take 1 year.  He is at the age of understanding more.   I told him it wasn't my decision and we will go with what happens.   He was crying.  He is my big softy child - very attached to people.  Dominic though asked my mom when she will die, hubby told him we don't know when we die and asked him who decides this.  He said Jesus.   Sweet.   At 5 he already have a great thinking.    We went to the Biodome during the afternoon.   Being a while since we went.   We got a family membership and can go as often as we want during the year with free entrance to the Botanical Gardens in June and free entrance to the Planetarium in November.   We came back at 9pm.   Tired.  Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get back in our routine.

Today - we have a visit to the dentist.  Five of us...   Only Jasmine is spared from it...

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