Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UHU Twist and Glue project

It is now the end of April and I need to tell you about the UHU Twist & Glue that I received. In the package, I also found some goodies to create whatever I wanted. I had stickers, embellishments, and cardstocks. So I decided to make a card and have fun with it.

So I folded one of the card stock and create a card. Interesting enough, the ribbon that I received had the same color in it, so I decided to use the ribbon. I found the ribbon very Springish and I particularly love the dragonflies and butterflies in it. Then I decided to take some blue and white cardstock that I already had. I wanted to go get the colors of the ribbon to complete the card. Since I already had the green with the card itself, I picked blue and white. Knowing which colors I wanted, my task was now to decide the use of the card. Mother's day coming soon, I decided to create a card for my mother-in-law. She is the best in the whole word. I am blessed to have wonderful in-laws who loves me for who I am and loves to spend time with us. But please don't tell her - I don't want her to see the card before Mother's Day *grin*.

I have Stampin' Up stamps and I used a stamp found in the Pocket Silhouettes and one found in the Define your Life stamp sets. This time, I decided to use my markers instead of ink. So I colored the leaves and the stems and press them on the white cardboard. I also used crayons from Crayola to reduce the white section around the design. I then used one of the stickers I had in my package to complete the card. I must admit that I selected my stamp based on the sticker. To complete the card, I stamped the gratitude definition. My mother-in-law is very helpful (along with my father-in-law) in coming to help with the kids when we need to, in babysitting for us and even cleaning while we are away. I told you I had the best in the whole world!

The whole card has been glue with the UHU Twist & Glue. As fun and interesting this glue is, I find it a little bit difficult to use while doing cards. The glue coming out of this is liquid and the cardstock tend to wave as it dries. BUT this glue applicator is very versatile - you can use it for simple dots (which I did with the ribbon) or as a small or large applicator. This can be done by simple twisting the upper part of the glue container. The adhesive is clear and can be use for paper, cardboard, wood, felt, fabrics and cork. I used it with the cardstock and the ribbon. Once the glue is dried, the ribbon is stayin in place. However, as I mentioned above, there are parts of the card that waves a bit. Not much but just enough to annoy me. The concept of Twist & Glue is interesting, you could easily switch your glue stick to be versatile for any kind of project.

You can find this glue stick in any good store selling UHU.


  1. Nice card. I was also one of the lucky people who got the Uhu glue sample. I definitely likes the glue for 3D embellishments but prefer a glue stick or tape runner for the flatter stuff so it doesn't warp

  2. Thanks for the sharing this nice looking card. I am also looking for working on one of my project and this will help me too.

  3. Good work on it. you have decorated it smartly...:)