Friday, April 24, 2009

Reflections on Judges 3:12-30

Yesterday I read Judges 3:12-30 and came upon something interesting.   You know that you're into something when you never realized this was written in the Bible.   You probably know the story on how Ehud killed King Eglon of Moab.   What I never realized was that in verse 15 it says:

" His name was Ehud son of Gera, of the tribe of Benjamin, who was left-handed."

Uh? What is the big deal of specifying that Ehud was left-handed?   So I pondered on this... since yesterday.   This morning, I came to the conclusion that more than likely being left-handed didn't help Ehud to carry a sword.  Maybe he wasn't as quick as his friends to fight...  

So I took my NLT Bible this morning and wanted to see if there was comments about this mention.   There was.   So here it goes...

"God can uses us just the way he made us.  Being left-handed in Ehud's day was considered a handicap.  Many Benjaminites were left-handed (see 20:16).  But God used Ehud's perceived weakness to give Israel victory.   Let God use you the way you are to accomplish his work."

In my NIV notes I can read that being left-handed Ehud could conceal his dagger on the side where it was not expected (v 21) which was his right thigh.  In my NIV Archeological Bible, it is mentioned that Left-handedness was common in the tribe of Benjamin (1 Ch 12:2) as I mentioned before.  However, it also indicates that it may have been artificially induced by binding the right arms of young boys to produce superior warriors.

I can see conflicting information here.   One says it produced superior warrior while another says it was considered an handicap.    Maybe it was considered an handicap by outsiders from the Israelites...

I recently got prophesied on.   First time for anything right?   The person told me that God made me the way I was for a reason and that right now I might not see it but in the future I will.   There is also some specific things in me that I don't even know that are there and that I will realize that God had a purpose in putting them there in time.

Where am I going?   When you think that God is not using you - don't believe it...  That's a lie.   God is always using us even if we don't realize it.  People see how we are and how we react to events in our life.   Our own kids observe us and they are like a sponge.    Be like a beacon of light for the LORD for anyone you cross in your days.    A few years ago, I went to the park with the kids.  Back then I had Alexandre and maybe Dominic as a baby.   Anyhow, I start talking to a lady at the park and out of the blue, she tells me that her husband is cheating on her and so on.   I was taken by surprised.   Why me?  But then I realize that as a child (well make it more like a young adult) I went through my parent's divorce.   Funny enough, hubby had bought me a book from Dr. Dobson Love Must Be Tough just to understand my parents.   And I had taken TONS of notes in the book about my parents and me and so on...   So I told her about the book and offered it to her.    I also prayed outloud for her in the park.   The next day I brought the book for her...   Weird.   I never saw her again.   I heard from her once - she told me she was enjoying the book.   Her situation was not easy as that other woman was also going to her church and was also married.   I pray and hope that God healed her marriage but I don't know.  

Another time, He used me on a grand-mother walking with her grand-baby.    Her daughter-in-law had a big case of post-partum.   I had experience it a little bit... but not to the point to be hospitalized (which was the case here).   So I prayed for her and told her about our church back then...   She seemed interested in telling the information to her son and daughter-in-law.

My point is that you never know when God will use you.  Be prepare even if you are left-handed.

And by the way - I am left-handed.

One of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:13.   Check it out what it says!

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