Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interested in Homeschooling? Don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed in your homeschooling? Homeschooling ABCs will help you.

The Homeschooling ABCs class is 26 weeks of lessons coming directly via your e-mail. It is also 26 weeks through which you will learn how homeschooling can be done and that it’s not that frightening.

Terri Johnson, from Knowledge Quest, is behind this initiative. She specifies that “it often takes two full years to feel as though they have finally entered their stride and are fostering the home learning environment that they are striving for.” Well I am looking forward to see what will happen next year as this is my second year of homeschooling (2008-2009). I learned a lot via this class on various aspects of my homeschool and next year (2009-2010) I am making some changes to accommodate my family and to be more organized.

Going through the alphabet, Terri will guide you in starting on the right foot on the path of homeschooling.
A. 10 Steps to a Great Start in Homeschooling
B. Let’s Begin with the Basics
C. Copy the Classroom – Not!
D. Dare to Differentiate
E. Establish YOUR Philosophy of Education
F. Finding the Best Curriculum for your Family
G. Get Together – Networking with Other Homeschoolers
H. Hands-on Learning for Greater Retention
I. Internet and Library Research Skills
J. Just Say “No” – Staying focused and on-track
K. Keeping up with Kindergarteners & Preschoolers
L. Living and Learning at Home
M. Math Can be Fun!
N. Nature Study and Science Exploration
O. Out the Door – Time for a Field Trip!
P. Phonics, Reading and Spelling
Q. The Quintessential Expression of Art & Music
R. Review and FAQ
S. The Big Question… What About Socialization?
T. Teaching the Multi-Grade Classroom
U. Used Curriculum – What to do with it?
V. Evaluations, Testing & Grades – Validate their Progress with Evaluations
W. Writing is Not So Tough!
X. Explore His Earth through History & Geography (2 part)
Y. Yes, You Can Homeschool High School
Z. Z End is Just the Beginning!

Many bonuses are given during the length of the class. Bonuses like project packs from In the Hands of a Child, Teaching Less While Your Child Learns More from Living Books Curriculum, sample lessons from WriteShop, ebook and digital issues from Teach Magazine, Teaching Science and Having Fun by Felice Gerwitz, and many more. All these bonuses are worth 250$.

I personally enjoyed reading every lessons and I learned many different aspects of homeschooling. I realized even more this year – not only with the Homeschooling ABCs but also from interacting with my fellow TOS crew members – that every homeschool is different and that each of us have our own flavor in doing homeschool. I learned also that it’s important to be able to say no sometimes so that we don’t pack our schedule with activities. It’s important to expose our kids to a variety of fun things to do but I personally think it’s important also for them to learn to slow down and have some quiet time. From the 3Rs to field trips as well as including history and geography, Terry Johnson will guide you in all the various aspects of homeschooling. She will also give you various links to vendors who offers interesting products.

How much is the class you wonder? The price is very reasonable if you ask me. For 10$ US a month for a period of six months you will receive an e-mail weekly with the lesson of the week. This can be calculated to a minimal cost of 2.30$ US per class session. If you are a new or young homeschooler, the class is worth the investment believe me. You will be blessed beyond measure with what you will receive. And if you know someone who is considering homeschooling, direct them to Homeschooling ABCs class to get more information about it.

When I first considered homeschooling, I didn’t have access to such a class. I investigated a lot going to the point of asking questions to the families I knew that were homeschooling. I was blessed to have about 10 families in my church who were already homeschooling. I read a lot of homeschool books and I even went to a conference before officially start our homeschool journey. This class helped me to modify some things and to become better at it. I look forward to see where we will go in our homeschool journey. My wish is to be able to continue for many years to come and hopefully continue during the high school years as well. But as I approach my 3rd year of homeschool, I will still continue to take one day at a time and to brace myself to teach multi-grades going from JK to grade 3.

Also, Terri is working on brand new classes to offer to the homeschool community around the World. Upper Level Homeschool will be about homeschooling your middle and high school students with confidence and Earn Money While Teaching Your Children at Home will touch the subject of having a home business. I think Terri is offering something different and interesting to homeschoolers. I look forward for the other classes in the future.

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