Thursday, January 14, 2010

Expedition Australia - Download N Go Unit Study

Expedition Australia

Download N Go Series
By Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse

Have you ever dream to visit one specific country? Dreamed about it since you were younger? I do. And I am still dreaming about it.  This country would be Australia with the koalas, kangaroos and many other things. So imagine my delight when I was chosen to be part of the team who would review the Download N Go about Australia. I couldn’t ask for a better title for me. I can’t hardly wait to start reading the book with my kids.

On day one, the kids and I will discover where Australia is located on Earth. Okay I know where it is and what it looks like. Even my oldest could find Australia on the globe we have at home. But my three younger ones will have a blast to discover that Australia is an island. They will also investigate the Great Barrier Reef and learn about the koala. On day two, we will discover more about this country – the regions of Australia, Uluru, major cities and the kangaroo. From the galley I received I know that I will learn more about Australia too. And believe me, I sense that I will get the travelling bug too. If only going there was not so expensive. *sigh* On day three, we will learn a bit more about Australia’s history, learn about the wombat, discover where the Great Victoria Desert is located, learn more about its flag, and learn about Captain Cook and the Aborigines. Day four will bring more interesting information about Australia – investigate the Great Dividing Range, learn about the platypus (isn’t it an interesting animal?), become familiar with the Southern Cross constellation and discover what is National Australia Day (mmmm! I have the tendency to put up special days on my facebook account and I am quite curious about this one...). Finally, day five will bring you to investigate the outback, learn more about the boomerang (and if you are interested to see how a boomerang is made check this video), discover the Tasmanian devil (not the cartoon one but the real animal) and get introduce to the Australian national anthem.

And once again this title of the Download N Go series contain fun family activities to do and a lapbook to complete. As you can see the Expedition Australia is packed with interesting activities and links to discover with your kids. You will have videos, coloring pages, fast facts about the country, learn new words, maps, discover what a didgeridoo is, discover the boomerang and how it work and much more. With all these activities, it is almost as if I would travel there with my children... And honestly, I can’t wait to get all the books related to this title so I can discover the country with them. I sure hope to see you around in the Outback!

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