Friday, January 1, 2010

From One Ministry Wife to Another

From One Ministry Wife To Another - Honest Conversations About Ministry Connections

Written by Susie Hawkins
Published at Moody Publishers

About the book
When a church hires a new minister, they are really hiring both him and his wife. Many women entering this role for the first time have never considered what it means to be a minister’s wife and consequently suffer stress, chaos, and confusion. In order to thrive, she needs a solid understanding of the biblical teaching on her role and how to best serve her husband as he fulfills his role.

Susie Hawkins brings thirty years of experience as a minister’s wife coupled with her role as the mother of two ministry wives. By focusing on key relationships and responsibilities in relation to the church and home, Susie guides young women to a greater understanding of how to serve God faithfully as the wife of a minister.

Who is Susie Hawkins?
Susie Hawkins has served as the director of women’s ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, taught a weekly Bible study for business women in downtown Dallas, and speaks at women’s conferences and retreats. She is also a contributor to various publications, such as Voices Behind the Veil and the Women’s Evangelical Library Commentary. She is married to O. S. Hawkins, president of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, is the mother of two married daughters, and grandmother of five.

My Thoughts
When I requested to review this book, we were still trying to plant a church and quickly realized that something was missing for me. I had little support as a church planter’s wife. Consequently, I decided to seek support in other ways, shapes or forms. Somehow, God has guided me toward publishers who had just released some books about the subject. One of these publishers was Moody Press and the book was From One Ministry Wife to Another – Honest Conversations About Ministry Connections.

What a blessing this book has been (and still is) to me. It opened my eyes on the work of a ministry wife. While we were trying to plant our church, I had no support on how to be a minister’s wife (or pastor as my friend Tyler would say). No one came along me to offer support, counsel or just a listening ear. And through two different books (this one being one of them) I have found encouragements and guidance.

From One Ministry Wife to Another covers various subjects from expectations to how to disconnect yourself from various things. It is full of wisdom and very helpful when someone is alone in the process of helping her husband to plant a church. I recommend it to any pastor’s wife out there who feel alone and need encouragement.

As I write this I am sad to tell you that our church plant is close for the time being due to various reasons. We are currently seeking the Lord for guidance and insights on what to do next. We have realized that to be able to pursue this adventure, some things must be set in place – more people involved AND some kind of support for both my husband and me as it can be very demanding on the emotions at time. God can provide and we trust Him that in time, these things will come. In the meantime, I will continue my reading and soak myself in the knowledge of someone who has been a minister’s wife for over thirty years.

This review was possible because I receive a copy of From One Ministry Wife To Another from Moody.
From One Ministry Wife to Another – Honest Conversations About Ministry Connections is available everywhere even at and

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  1. Thank you for giving the information on this book. I have been interested in it but hadn't heard much about it so I was hesitant to buy. Now I think that I am going to check it out. Thanks.