Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stonz Booties

Stonz Booties

Made in Canada

Not to long ago, I came upon a company that I have never heard of before. So I contacted them and offered to do a review for one of their products and they totally agreed. They have send me a Stonz Wear Booties and I was able to choose the model I wanted. Since my daughter is two and she wears size 5 for her shoes, I have been suggested to go with the Large size. Can you guess which model I’ve picked? Just check it out – it is so cute...

The Product

Stonz Wear baby booties are designed with a wide opening to slip on easily over bare feet, socks, sleepers, shoes or their Linerz. They are made with a durable coated nylon that is water and wind resistant to keep babies feet warm and dry. The booties have two toggles at the calf and ankle for a custom fit and ensuring the booties stay on.

Stonz Wear started because a mom named Lisa was very active and living on the West Coast of Canada. She quickly discovered that finding warm footwear for her young children was an impossible task. She was keeping her own son warm by wrapping scarves around his legs. She then met another mom who had made a special boot that looked like a fleece-lined chalk bag. Lisa knew there was a niche for these booties on the market. Together, the two moms created some samples and went to their first trade show back in 2004.

The booties can be worn on bare feet or with something else like a shoe for example. They all well made with fleece inside and nylon outside of the book. Consequently, they are wind and rain resistant. However, the Stonz booties have not been designed for everyday wear on concrete surfaces. So be careful where your child walks with these on...

The Stonz booties are made by hand, locally in Vancoucer, BC, Canada.

My Thoughts
I didn’t know what to expect before I got the booties. Nothing is better than to have the product in your hands. And let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprise by the quality of the booties when I got them. You can recognize a product that speaks loudly about quality when you see one and the Stonz Wear Booties are such a product.  And how can I resist the fact that the booties had a ladybug on it.  

The booties I’ve received are big enough that I can put a shoe inside. When I slip my cold hands inside the booties, I can see that the fleece will help the feet to be warm. The outside nylon seem robust enough to sustain the rough play of a child outside and the sole looks like it would help to reduce the slipping on the ice. The design on the side of  booties is well made as well.   The best is that the booties are machine washable and dry when you put them inside out on delicate. It can’t be better than that.

My only concern is about the two adjustable toggles at the calf and ankle. These tighten around the child’s foot so that the bootie fits better and stay on the said foot. My concern about these is because I have a very curious little girl who would more than likely pull on them constantly since they are on the front of the boot. I wonder if putting them at the back of the boot would be better...

Now, my only problem is that my daughter doesn’t want to wear them when we go outside. Mind you, knowing that they are not designed to be used on concrete surfaces, it’s probably better. But I just thought that I could convince her to wear them so we can go visit the grand-parents. There is nothing I can do to convince her. She wants her boots and that’s all she wants. *sigh* (could it be that she will become a strong will?) However, she did wore them inside the house and walked around with them. Unfortunately, our camera recently broke so I am unable to take a picture of her doing so.

I do think that this is a product that will be popular for families who have young children.   I wish I had something similar when I had surgery in November 2009 and had to wear a cast for a period of time.   I couldn't find anything to cover my toes.  As you can imagine going outside in the winter was a bit problematic.   A boot like this would have been ideal for me.    So if the company is looking into new ideas for products, I would suggest that you create a product for people who have a cast on their foot during the winter time - I know I wouldn't have hesitate a minute to order one for myself when I had my cast.    Even for the months after the removal of the cast it would be a nice warm bootie to wear (I know I had to wait until the next winter to be able to wear my regular boots...).  

Wondering where you can get these cute little boots? Well you can order them online at or by calling 1-866-39STONZ. But the booties are also sold in stores throughout Canada as well as internationally. Check out their store locator to see if you can find them in an area near you. I know I was surprised to see some stores from all around town that carries them. Pretty interesting!

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