Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Molly Gets Organized All In One Place

Molly Gets Organized All In One Place
Published at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

For certain things I consider myself quite organized. Like for example, I LOVE to plan our trips; where we will camp for a reasonable price, what we will see and discover, identify the places to visit and so on. But I must be honest and tell you that for household chores, I am not as organized. It’s quite a mystery why this household organization has skipped a generation. Well, it’s not that I am totally dis-organized but more that I procrastinate about it.

Because when I am fed up with the mess around me, I can work quite fast and the house looks way better. For example, this morning I took some time in our school room to place where the books and lessons should be going. Mind you the mess wasn’t my fault. Seems to me that the kids have trouble to put the things where they should go. So I need to help them get over this dis-organization... *grin*

The new Molly Gets Organized – All In One Place contains excerpts on – yes you guessed it – organization from the Molly’s 2009 Digests. So if you are one of her devoted followers and own ALL the Molly’s 2009 Digests, I doubt that this will be new to you. But for me, who hasn’t gotten all the digests of last year, I learned quite a lot.

This e-book will help you to create a home inventory, store your receipts, create new furniture (with old ones) to store some of your things (I particularly like the pot rack idea!), get some special recipes to help you with your spring cleaning (nothing like saving a bit of money with the cleaning products), gets tips and tricks on holding or shopping yard sales (and the tips for holding one is something I needed as I am thinking that a yard sale is what I need to do so I can sold some of our baby stuff but not until May though!), how to clean up various areas in your house from the garage to your e-books as well as your homeschool products, and finally even something about scrapbooking!

As you can see this e-book, Molly Gets Organized – All In One Place is packed with information. I realized for certain things like organizing the closets and cleaning the fridge I do it regularly. But I also realized that I need to work on other areas in our house (starting with the guest room!) we need to roll up the sleeves and work on it. I enjoyed reading the ideas found in Molly Gets Organized. It was an eye opener for sure!

Molly Gets Organized – All In One Place is available at The Old Schoolhouse store for a low price of 7.95$ US. Get yours today if you need some ideas to organize your household...

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