Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glo - The Bible for a Digital World

Glo – Experience The Bible Like Never Before


I first came into contact with Glo when I went to the Leadership Summit in August 2009. We had then received a special reveal of Glo but it wasn’t complete. I was impressed with what I had seen and contacted the company to see if I could get a free copy to review when it will be available. They agreed! And after some issues with the first shipment (which I never received unfortunately), I finally got my copy of Glo this month!

I am speechless. I don’t know what words I should use to describe my experience with Glo. It is above and beyond what I was thinking it would do. Seriously it is wonderfully made. It brings the Bible to life in ways you wouldn’t expect. It includes HD video, high-resolution images, historical animations, zoomable maps, virtual-tours and so much more.

For example, this year I have decided to read through my Transformation Bible. I am almost at the end of Exodus as I write this. Well, in the section where God is explaining how to build and make the various objects for the Tabernacle, there is so much details that sometimes you might forget something. So I decided to use Glo as a tool to illustrate what I read. Not only will you find pictures of places mentioned in the Bible but you will also find a reproduction of the Tabernacle and the clothing of the High Priest. When I saw the breastplate that Aaron had to wear it suddenly clicked in my mind. I have never realized that there were 12 different stones to represent the 12 tribes and that the name of the tribes was embedded in each stone. The illustrations are so helpful to me who has a tendency to be more a visual learner.

Glo possess a zoomable interface that is simple to use and help you visualize the biblical world through five main lenses;
Bible – find a chapter fast and read it as if it was a magazine article.
Timeline – view where events happened chronologically and in context with one another.
Atlas – Major stories and events appear geographically on a Google-map style.
Topical – Discover relevant verses for thousands of subjects searchable by keyword. It also includes a commentary. Three main search topics are available; biblical world, Christian faith and life.
Media – Contains HD videos, virtual tours, high-resolution photos, articles, artworks, maps, historical animations.

Also you can create your own personal lenses under MyGlo. In there you will also have the possibility to write your journal concerning prayer request, insights or how God spoke to you during your devotions.

Wondering what you will find in Glo?

2,382 Hig Resolution Photos
7,500 Encyclopedia Articles
463 Virtual Reality Tours
3.5 hours of HD Video
689 Works of Art
147 Maps

It is packed with interesting things. Believe me on this one. We owed a couple of other bible softwares in the past but nothing compare to this one. I am totally blown away by the quality of this interactive Bible.

My only negative point would be the time it took to install the software. But when you realize how much content there is, it is no wonder that it took us 3 hours to install it. Only problem is that we had to do it twice since the first time the installation crashed because we had not realized how much space it required. So my husband had to expand the partition of the hard drive so I can install Glo. It took time but it is so worth it! Another feature that I would like to see would be the ability of creating my own reading plan and decide how long I would take to read a specific book.

In conclusion, I am not disappointed with Glo. On the contrary, I am seriously thinking of incorporating it in our homeschool to show my kids the places where the Bible came alive, the illustrations and the virtual-tours included inside this gem that represent Glo.

By using Glo in your daily devotions, God’s Word will indeed become a lamp to guide your feet and a light for your path! (Psalm 119:105)

This review was possible because I received a free copy of Glo from Immersion Digital.

Glo is available at your favorite Christian bookstore.  

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  1. Hi Canadian Lady Bug,

    Great review!

    Please note: Glo updates include all of the lastest enhancements. So, for anyone that has the Willow Creek discs and wants to view the most recent release of Glo, they can simply install their disks and click 'update'. The update will provide them with most recent version of Glo.

    After updating, should they want to upgrade to full version of Glo, they can do all of that online with the disks they already have.

    Hope this helps, and thank you again for reviewing Glo and sharing your experience,

    Glo Support