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Molly's Money-Saving Digest - January 2010

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest – January 2010
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A new year has come and with it a new Molly’s Money-Saving Digest. This time, I feel blessed to have received the January edition of the digest in the final version. I can see all the nice pictures and ideas with the text. (note to reader when I reviewed the digest in 2009 I received a galley version which does not include the pictures and so on...).

Before I start on my review, let me tell you that between Christmas and New Year, my husband and I have decided to make tourtières (meat pies) which was a first for us. So we bought some dough already made and we made our tourtières. Hubby doesn’t like to follow recipes and they taste different than what I am used to but they are still yummy. After we were done, hubby mentioned that next time we should try to make our own dough. MmmmM I though. I don’t have a dough recipe.

So when I opened my January 2010 Molly’s Money-Saving Digest, imagine my surprise *and joy* to see the first article being about homemade pies... LOL It couldn’t be more perfect. Inside this article, you will have not one but two pie crust recipes as well as other tips and tricks in making your own pie (fruits or meat). You can follow step-by-step directions to make a pie from scratch. It’s simple really. It just takes time. Also included in this article are basic fractions lessons for the kids – half, quarter, one third and one eight... The best example is by cutting a pie obviously. I sure hope your kids are hungry to eat all this... *grin*

In this digest, you can also learn what is on sale this month. Anyone loves a good sale price. I know I do and I am waiting patiently for later this month when the snowsuits will be coming on sale. I need to buy a 6x as well as one for my older son.

The digest also gives you some interesting forms for the budget, daily to-do list, family clothing inventory as well as teaching you how to open and deal with a chequing account. It also contains recipes, decoration your home while being frugal (and I love the Soli deo Gloria project), as well as projects to organize your pictures (which is my favourite project I think) and jewelry.

The Molly’s Money-Saving Digest for January 2010 is a blessing. I intend to use some of the ideas to decorate my house and to be more organized this year.

You can get the January Digest in this Organization Bundle that includes both the Jan Digest and the Molly Gets Organized. It is on sale for $9.95. Here is the link to that item:

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