Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lola's Flag Adventure - iphone application

Lola’s Flag Adventure
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Available on AppStore

Lola’s Flag Adventure is an educational application that you can buy for the price of 1.99US on the App Store. This application will permit the children to learn about the 90 flags of the countries from Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Lola’s Flag Adventure has two games included. One is a Memory game to help the kids aged 4-9 years old to find the flags and couple them together. Three levels are available; easy, medium and hard. The second game is more a trivia where the child would see a flag and have to select from a choice of countries which flag it is. When it is wrong, the application will tell you the correct answer. When the child has it right, then an encouragement response is expressed. This Trivia Game has for different games available; global, Asia & Pacific, Europe and Americas. This Trivia is geared for children ages 6 and up.

When you have completed a game a scoreboard is shown and you have the possibility to enter your name and save it. I think it is great because the kids will see how better they can get with time.

How would I improve the game? I would first also include all the countries not included like for example the African countries do not have their own section in this application (and from what I can see they are not included in the Global section either). If you want to make it fully educational I feel that the application should include ALL the countries we have in the world. And this is not the case right now. Also, the application is currently available in English and Chinese. I would translate it in French and Spanish as well. For the Memory Game I would not show the flags or at least ask for the option of showing the flags. And for the Trivia Game, to start the game you have to shake the iphone. Why not putting a start button instead? Finally, a variety of encouragement message at the end would be preferable. When the child makes errors, you still get the message that says “Great job! You know the flags!”

In conclusion, will this application help children to learn my flags? Yes I think so. With improvement this application will also become more versatile and fun to play with. It is a great way to learn the flags from around the world and a good application for geography. With the 2010 Winter Olympics coming in February, this game is fun to get used to recognize the participating countries.

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  1. Thanks for Lola's Flag Adventure Review - now it is available also as free version in iTunes. You can test it to see if you like it.