Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2009 Schoolhouse Planner Useful Excerpts

I’ve recently had the opportunity to review the Schoolhouse Planner Useful Excerpts 2008-2009. This little ebook is packed with the articles as well as the recipes that appeared in the Schoolhouse Planner published during the year 2008-2009.

These articles are written by authors in the homeschool business. Each has their special knowledge and each share from their heart about it. The one article that grabbed my immediate attention was Learning to Spot the Planets. I’ve learned quite a lot reading this and I look forward to try my new telescope that I should received early April as I am reviewing one. I can’t wait to practice the tips found in this article alone and discover the stars and planets above my head.

And new recipes are always nice to have if you ask me. I love trying new recipes – so does my husband but he would prefer “invent” them instead of following a recipe. Everyone has their preferences… For me new recipes have a soft spot in my heart. I love to discover recipes from other people. I’ve already spotted a few that I want to try but the first one I would do is the Tropical Chicken Dinner which contains pineapple rings (yum!) and coconut milk. Sounds like a winning recipe for my family!

If you want to get new recipes and read articles from leaders in the homeschool business, you will need to get the Schoolhouse Planner Useful Excerpts 2008-2009.

The regular price is $9.95 and it is available directly from The OldSchoolhouse Store.

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