Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arithmaroo 1: A Counting Math Game for Kids on iTouch/iPhone




I had the opportunity to download a free copy of Arithmaroo 1 last Friday.    

Prepare to be fast as a Kangaroo and to identify the correct number of items you will see on the screen.  

arithmaroo Arithmaroo 1 is a basic counting application for the iTouch/iPhone.   It will give the foundation needed to addition, substraction, multiplication and division.     From the number 1 to the number 50, you will have fun using this fun application.  

This application is perfect for kindergarten to grade 1 kids who want to test their number identification.   The screen will show you rocks or fingers on a hand.  Speed is a necessity as it will permit you to get more points which you need to be able to to advance to the next level.

But adults can have fun too when getting into thecounting_3 challenge of going faster at giving your answers.    You can record up to 4 players and you will shift from counting to seeing patterns. 

The music is engaging and is based on an Australian instrument called the didgeridoo.    Quite entertaining I find!   If the child has the correct answer then a bird will sing indicating that he/she had it right!  

I think this little application is fun to use and will also help the kids to develop rapidity and mental calculations.   I sure hope that it will become available for the iPad in a near future as I find the iPad being more interesting to use than the iPhone or iTouch in an home school environment. 

This application is available on the iTunes store for 1.99$.

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