Monday, April 5, 2010

In Plain Sight - Seeing God's Signature Throughout Creation

In Plain Sight

Written by Dr. Charles R Gordon

About the Book.
Designed on Purpose seeks to reawaken people to the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. Dr. Charley

Gordon created the devotional book In Plain Sight: Seeing God’s Signature throughout Creation and writes musings on his blog,, for fellow wonderers like himself who enjoy exploring the world God created and dare to ask why. Why do brain cells resemble oak trees? Why do galaxies resemble hurricanes? Why does a painter have a certain recognizable style? Designed On Purpose exists to catalogue evidence that a Creator designed the universe. The patterns show up where one would least expect, and the similarities are, well, remarkable.

Dr. Charley Gordon challenges you to stop and marvel at God's signature on all of creation.

Through 40 devotionals, he explores the amazing similarities in the design of the universe.

Can you see what's hidden in plain sight? The similarities in the design of the universe are amazing. An oak tree looks like a brain cell. A hurricane shaped like a galaxy. A rose curled like a seashell. Is the connection just coincidence? Or is it something more? Like an artist whose work is immediately recognizable, a Supreme Being has left his signature on all of creation for us to find. If you look closely, from microscopic algae to the largest nebula looming light years across in space, he has signed his name in repeated patterns and recognizable styles. But you have to look.

So, open your eyes. Reawaken to wonder. And find yourself in awe of the mystery and greatness of God.

Who is Dr. Charles R Gordon?
Dr. Charley Gordon is committed to seeing God's handiwork in daily life. As a neurosurgeon and scientist, he brings a unique perspective to his pursuit of cataloging evidence of God's signature throughout creation. He and his family live in Tyler, Texas.

My Thoughts
For those who know me, you are aware that I review books, products, software and other things. But what you don’t know is the “work” behind the scene. Well most of the time, I request the books through various publishers or PR companies. They then send me the books and I read them (yes I do read all of them without exception). Same goes for DVDs, software, or any other kind of products. I believe in being honest and trustworthy.

Well I have been doing this since two years now and it all started because I was part of the TOS Homeschool Crew back in 2008-2009. However, I have never thought of the possibility of being contacted. And it happened back in February. I got contacted and offered to review a book title In Plain Sight. After looking into it and reading more about this book, I’ve decided to accept the offer.

So when I received the book through the mail, I opened it immediately and flipped through it. The pictures were quite stunning and the idea behind finding similarity within our world to discover God in it was interesting.

I agree with the author when he says that wonder is a lost art in the world today. People are so busy running all over the place, on their cell phones, iphones, ipods, tweetering, facebooking, living on the netosphere and so on that they forget that life is happening outside of their house, car, work…

This book will help you to slow down and open your eyes to the world around you. It will make you realize that God’s creativity was extreme and He didn’t hesitate to replicate some aspects throughout the world. Even though I find the similarity of some pictures to be a little pushed, the book as some interesting devotions, daily scripture and questions to help you ponder on the Creator and the world around us. The pictures are quite stunning to be honest and will take your breath away just by looking at them.

This review was possible because I received a free copy of In Plain Sight from Euforma.

In Plain Sight is available at   Unfortunately, I couldn't find the title on or

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