Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Star Games

superstarlogocopy As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I had the opportunity to review some products created by Super Star Speech.

What is SuperStar Speech? Super Star Speech  materials have been designed by a speech-language-pathologist to assist parents in helping their children achieve developmentally appropriate speech and to provide some of the necessary resources to do speech therapy at home. The focus of these books is the correction of articulation (speech sound) errors.

superstargamelogo However, I didn’t feel as though I had kids who were having speech problems. Since I had the choice to pick whatever I wanted, I decided to concentrate my reviews on the homeschool games that were also available to review.

I didn’t know what to expect from games in an e-book format. My first reaction was wondering if these games will indeed be useful. Well I was in for a surprise! These games are simply fantastic and will complete you teaching at the same time. My son and I had a great time reviewing his grammar lessons while playing Silly Snail.

Let me present you the various games available through SuperStar Speech.

Silly Snail will review parts of speech like common noun, proper noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb. For grades 3 to 6.

Planets, Moon and Stars is all about space, the planets and the solar system. This game is for grade 3 and up.

Explorer of the World will help your child (grade 3 to 8) to reinforce their history and geography studies. You will have 24 world explorers and their contributions. This game can be played in two different ways.

The Inventor Game will help the kids to discover 24 famous inventors. Two different games can be played with this one.

Covering the Continents is a fun game for kids age 6 to 10 and will help them to discover the continents of our planet. Questions about the seven continents need to be answered so that you can settle more continents than your adversaries.

Exploring Egypt will have you race so you can be the first to arrive at the top of the pyramid. Designed for grades 3 to 8, this game will bring history to life after studying the ancient Egypt.

Climb the Vine: All About Plants will reinforce your science curriculum for kids grades 3 to 6. The kids will have to answer questions about plant types, pollination, photosynthesis, trees and more.

The Insect Game is perfect to reinforce the study of insects. Kids from grades 2 to 6 will compete to be the first one to finish building their insect.

All About Animals is an animal classification game for grades K to 5. Categorize the animals in five major groups.

Also available are two games more geared for the American history.

Road to Revolution will cover the American Revolutionary War and his designed for grades 3-8.

Colony Quest will teach the kids (grades 3 to 5) about the American Colonies and revised their map skills at the same time. Perfect to reinforce the American History curriculum!

Silly%20Snail%20cover As I said, we had a blast to play Silly Snail. We also enjoyed discovering the other games I had the opportunity to review. My son, who will be 9 in a couple of months, thought that All About Animals was fun to play even though he also found some of the cards being easy to categorized.

The one that I am particularly looking forward to play is the Planets, Moon and Stars. I am keeping this one to take out after we go through our study of the planets which I am planning to do this summer with our telescope. These games are not just for kids I find, as parents you should expect to learn from them as well. They are fun and easy to use. And if you wonder how long a game can last, it will be faster than playing Monopoly – guaranteed.

These games being a pdf file, I was wondering what I could do to store them. Then an idea came to me. I had protective sleeves for my scrapbook pages and I could easily slide a game in one of them. I have included the games in a binder and voilà I had easy access to educative games. I also put all the game cards and other pieces in little bags that I can close easily so I don’t lose any part of the games. This way I have the instructions, the cards and the board(s) all together in one place. Ingenious!

These games are ready for instant download at CurrClick for the price of 3.50$ US each. And just for the fact that it will reinforce the learning the kids have done previously, I think that it is a 3.50$ well spent! You can also order the games in Bundles if you prefer and save in the end. The Science bundle and the History and Geography bundle are available as well.

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  1. Thanks for your review! I love your idea of using a binder with sleeves to store the game-- I think I will copy it! A couple of my games were made into file folder games. The rest are just stored in a large ziplock bag.