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Mighty Acts of God – A Family Bible Story Book

Mighty Acts of God – A Family Bible Story Book

Written by Starr Meade and Illustrated by Tim O’Connor
Published at Crossway

About the book
"Do as David did. Don't do as Saul did. Follow this Old Testament person, but not that New Testament person." That's what you may find in many Bible story books. In Mighty Acts of God Starr Meade takes a new approach to teaching the Bible to elementary school aged children: she focuses not on characters in Scripture, but on God. Each of the ninety Bible stories included focus on a particular character trait or truth about God, emphasizing that God is the main character in every Bible story.

Each story in Mighty Acts of God is retold in lively, modern-day language from a Reformed perspective, and is followed by an application section with several discussion-sparking questions and prayer points. By moving chronologically through both the Old and New Testaments, parents and children glimpse the person of God as one of consistency, vibrancy, passion, and love.

Designed for families with children ages four through ten, this Bible story book takes a panoramic, chronological look at the character of God.

Who are Starr Meade and Tim O’Connor?
Starr Meade is a graduate of Arizone College of the Bible and the author of Training Hearts, Teaching Minds and Keeping Holiday. She currently teaches homeschool students in Mesa, Arizona.

Tim O’Connor has illustrated various Christian children’s books, including My Bedtime Anytime Storybook and My Pajama Bible.

My Thoughts
My first reaction when I received this book to review was “Crossway do publish lots of Bible Story books lately.” Honestly I didn’t know what to expect from this new Family Bible Story Book. But I must say that I am quite surprised and pleased with it.

You will find definition of words that as Christian we used often like grace, sin or predestine for examples. You will have a key verse to learn together as well as the reference of the story in the Bible. The stories themselves are more like devotionals based on the Bible and written so that the kids can understand it better. Finally each story is completed with suggestions on how to discuss and apply the lesson learned. And these suggestions are interesting. For example, one of the things to do as a family is to consider together some problem areas where God does not seem to be doing anything and the pray for God to work in these situations and ask Him for grace to trust that he is working, even when we don’t see it.

As a homeschooler I can see using this book throughout a year with one story per week. This book is a wonderful addition to your personal library. It can also become a wonderful gift for young families.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Mighty Acts of God from Crossway.

Mighty Acts of God is available everywhere even at and

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  1. Gracie and I have been reading through this book too. We like it, so far. :)