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Elements of Faith Vol 1 Hydrogen to Tin

Elements of Faith Vol1: Hydrogen to Tin

Faith Facts and Learning Lessons from the Periodic Table
Written by Richard D Duncan
Published at MasterBooks

About the Book
It’s easy to see the wonder of God’s creation all around us – but to truly appreciate the incredible design, organization, and creativeness of the Creator, you have to delve into the elements that make up our world.

The study of the periodic table of elements, reveals that these atomic microscopic building blocks are more than just scientific odds and ends. Each and every one is an opportunity to celebrate the power, wisdom, order, and ingenuity of our Creator!


• The connection between helium and the sun
• The biblical gems that represent wisdom, the kingdom, and God’s presence
• Which element is named after the Devil
• How sodium (in salt) reflects an important message of preservation
• Why silver can be called the “element of redemption”
• The element with two names – one name from a Greek myth and the other from a famous explorer – discovered in ore from Connecticut
Elements of Faith, Vol. 1 examines the first 50 elements of the Periodic Table and finds meaningful insights and spiritual applications in each of them. A look at the elements can teach many lessons, from the awesomeness of God’s creation to the dedication of many God-fearing scientists who have been so influential in the history of science. Add activities, quizzes, and a treasure trove of helpful information, and you have a one-of-a-kind resource every student needs!

Who is Richard D Duncan?
Richard D. Duncan is a professional engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati (1981). He has spent most of his career in the fields of water treatment and environmental engineering. Richard and his wife Carolyn live in southern Ohio, where they are active members of Christ’s Community Church in Portsmouth.

My Thoughts
I’ve done chemistry when I was in high school. But it was never as fun as this book can be. Mind you I wasn’t a Christian back then and I never thought about applying chemistry or any other kind of science to God’s wonderful design but chemistry wasn’t as fun as I would have expected. So when I discovered this book and preview some pages, I got really excited because not only do you get information about the elements but you also get information about bible times and the Bible as well. Now I can reconnect with chemistry and discover the elements I have learn under new lenses which is faith.

Each element has a scripture at the top of the page. The author also took the time to identify the position of the element in the periodic table. On the left side of the first page, you will have specific data about the element like how it was discovered, the origin of its name, where it can be found and so on.

Then there is a box called analysis where you get more information about the element. For example, for sodium you will read about the fact that today salt is not an expensive commodity but that in Jesus’ days it was. You will learn what was done with salt back then – preservative, antiseptic, exertion, flavor and it causes thirst. Each of these are linked to some verses from the bible. It is indeed quite interesting.

On the second page, you will come upon the reaction box. In the case of sodium (or salt) you will read about being a witness in the world. Also included in this page is a quick quiz based upon the information on the element.

Finally, each element has a response at the bottom of the second page. This response section will motivate you to apply what you have read about the element and teaching lesson from it into your life. It concludes with a little prayer that you can say.

This book covers the first 50 elements found in the periodic table. It also gives you about 10 fun experiments to do with some of the elements like water, helium, borax and so on. You will make slime, discover the protective ability of fluoride, study the calcium and collagen in bones and much more.

I’m so excited about this book that I can’t wait about doing some of the experiments with my kids. In fact, I think it is time to cook a chicken so we can study the bones!

Now, I hope and pray that the author will write the Vol 2 of Elements of Faith real soon because I am quite curious about the rest of the elements not covered by this book.

If you are wondering how to cover chemistry with your children, this book will present the fifty elements in a clear way and you will have fun doing some of the experiments with your kids. I strongly recommend this book for homeschoolers or for chemistry students.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Elements of Faith Vol 1: Hydrogen to Tin from MasterBooks.

Elements of Faith is available everywhere even at and

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