Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My cup overflows

This morning I am blessed... well actually I was blessed yesterday evening.  But before I tell you what I am blessed with let me tell you a bit more about my morning.

So I got up and saw shadows dancing in the window of the front door.   At first I thought it was birds but then I saw more shadows - definetively not birds.   It is 530am EST.   A thought come to my mind and I simply reject it....  Can't be that!   No Way!    So I go to the window in our school room and I got surprised to see HUGE snowflakes.   Gigantic snowflakes covering the ground, the vehicles and anything around it.    And right now it is still going down.     *sigh*

Blessings Galore!
So last night I went to the RVHEA meeting and the topic was Geography.   Funny enough I was looking into this a week before.    How to incorporate more geography in our school days?   So when I heard about the subject of the meeting I wanted to go.

A school and another homeschol family had given some curricula away to bless others.   It was first come first serve.   So I found some interesting things.   Here's a list of what I got (and btw there was still more things to grab when I left - other got tons of things as well).

  • Abeka Biology God's Living Creation (Field and Laboratory manuel and teacher book, Teacher's guide, Student tests, Quiz Key and Test Key)
  • Abeka Observing God's World (Teacher's Edition, Guide, Quiz Key, Test Key)
  • Abeka Investigating God's World (Book, Test Key, Teacher's guide, Quiz Key)
  • Abeka Enjoying Good Health (Book and Test/Quiz Key)
  • Abeka Choosing Good Health (Book, Student Test, Test Key, Teacher's Edition)
  • In Days of Yore - Medieval Studies
  • Excursions in Literature for Christian Schools Teacher's Edition
  • Close in on Language Comprehensive mini-units Grades 4-6
  • Vocabulary Booster Grades 5 & 6  Synonyms and Antonyms, Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Tapestry 3
  • McGraw-Hill Reading Grade 4
  • Languages Arts Thinking Motivators Grades 2 to 7
  • Skills Young Writers Grade 4
  • Usborne Hot Shots The Romans
  • Star Wars Episode I Anakin's Fate
  • Star Wars Wpisode 1 Anakin's Pit Droid
  • Star Wars Attack of the Clones Jango Fett: County Hunter
  • Star Wars Attack of the Clones Anakin: Apprentice
  • DK Readers Star Wars Journey Through Space
  • Finding the Titanic
  • Abeka Geography Studies & Projects Western Hemisphere Teacher's Key
  • Abeka Old World History and Geography in Christian Perspective
  • Learning Languages Arts Through Literature Red, Yellow, Orange, Tan, Grey and Green books which covers grades 2 to 9
  • The Canadian Spelling Program II
  • Spelling Connections 2, 3, and 4
  • Spelling Reinforcement activities Book 2
  • Language Power Book A & B
  • Nelson Language Arts What Should I Do?
  • Nelson Language Arts Making a Difference
  • Abeka  Of People Literature
  • and finally, a pack of various papers including gel papers (you know the black ones...)
As you can see I am blessed a lot.    I had nothing in spelling and nothing in Language arts really.   I was considering Geography in a deeper level.   There was interesting Math book but we want to stick with Math-U-See only.  I don't mind if some books are missing (like the student books) in some of these because I can easily adapt it for my kids.  

Thank you for the school and the home school family who gave away their curriculum.   I am forever grateful for them...

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  1. Wow! Don't you just love days like that? (Well, with the exception of the snow, in my case!) Good for you!