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The Terrestria Chronicles - TOS Homeschool CREW

The Terrestria Chronicles

Written by Ed Dunlop

One product that we had to review as members of the TOS Homeschool Crew was two books from the Terrestria Chronicles. However, we have not all received the same title. But it looks like these books could be read as standalone stories so I guess it is not necessary to start at book 1.

About The Terrestria Chronicles
Travel back to the days of noble knights and powerful warlords... daring quests and deadly dragons... the days of honor and valor and chivalry.

Visit the kingdom of Terrestria, a land where knights and their ladies live in castles and where dragons still roam (occasionally).

The Terrestria Chronicles allegory series was written with a three-fold purpose: to honor Jesus Christ as King, to challenge young readers to love and serve Him, and to teach them to guard their hearts for Him. The focus of the series is always on the King.

Fast-paced action… powerful imagery… heart-pounding adventure… These life-changing books are captivating and once you start reading, you’ll find them hard to put down. This adventure series has a particularly strong appeal to today’s young people: it’s a series with knights and castles, dragons and princesses. . . but these are books in which every page points to truths of the Christian walk. Biblical doctrines and character principles are taught in such a compelling, fascinating way that they will stay with the reader for a lifetime.

Written for ages ten and up, the Terrestria series is ideal for family devotions, classroom use, or individual enjoyment. So grab your sword and take your family on a quest to Terrestria! Your heart will be changed forever.

My Thoughts
I received book 6 The Golden Lamps and book 7 The Great War. If I want to complete the series, I can get the other books at any bookstore.

The Golden Lamps – book 6 of The Terrestria Chronicles
After an attack on a small Terrestrian village by Argamor’s dark knights, the villagers petition King Emmanuel to build them a castle for protection. Emmanuel responds by sending James of Arwyn, a master builder who will guide the villagers in the construction of their own castle. All goes well until the workers discover mysterious golden lamps. The lamps have an unusual purpose, and that purpose may spell doom for the castle project. This sixth adventure will cause the reader to realize that the King’s business must always be priority.

The Great War – Book 7 of The Terrestria Chronicles
Throughout the eons of time, the kingdom of Terrestria has been at war. Argamor and his dark forces are still determined to wrest control of the kingdom from the hands of the wise and powerful King Emmanuel. Argamor’s evil plans include Princess Gilda—her captivity is sure to result in the defeat of Prince Josiah and the downfall of the Castle of Faith. The Great War gives a breathtaking overview of the Book of Revelation. In this thrilling final episode of the Terrestria Chronicles, the reader catches just a glimpse of the almighty power of King Emmanuel and of the wondrous future that awaits his children in the Golden City.

Other titles in the series are:
  • Book 1 The Sword, the Ring and the Parchment which encourages the reader to live as a child of the King.
  • Book 2 The Quest for Seven Castles which challenges the reader to examine his/her relationship with the King.
  • Book 3 The Search for Everyman which encourages the reader to be a witness for the Kind.
  • Book 4 The Crown of Kuros which challenges the readers to surrender his heart to the King.
  • Book 5 The Dragon’s Egg which challenges the reader to guard his or her heart for the King.
 Also available is a study guide for parents, teachers and students title Visit to Terrestria which covers all seven books and is designed to invoke discussions of the life-changing messages and powerful imagery within each stories.

These books are more geared toward youth. My oldest son is enjoying the reading of them but the younger kids are not as attentive as he is. So the reading sessions were a bit difficult for my taste. Even though, we are persevering and pursuing our reading. We learned a lot about castle building and how to defend a castle in the book The Golden Lamps. My son (the eldest) really liked the knights and the plot of the story. I think he is interested in reading more of this series in the future. He is definitively in the age of enjoying knights stories and allegories with the story of God.

Also on the website of the author, you will find coloring sheets related with the series as well as other free e-books the author has written in the past. He also has another series title Tales from Terrestria which brings more stories about Terrestria and will be complete with seven books eventually.

At the end of the two books I have there was a glossary which gave the definition on specific words used in the story as well as a page about information on knights and castles.

We are enjoying the storyline and will continue reading them until we are done with them. Eventually, I would like to get the other books in this series and maybe the study guide as well. It would be a perfect language arts activity for young men and women. It can easily be included in any homeschool year starting at an older age like 14 and up.

This review was possible because I received two books of The Terrestria Chronicles from Dunlop Ministries via The TOS Homeschool Crew.

The Terrestria Chronicles are available at and other bookstores.

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