Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oak Tree and Purkinje Cells

So I have been contacted to review an interesting book titled In Plain Sight.   And this book contains devotions about how God is creative and our need to stop and wonder at his marvelous work.

I am reading it and arrive to devotion #2 which is about Seeing Beyond the Ordinary.   I won't give you the details of the devotion because I think it wouldn't be fair for the author.   So if you want to read it you will have to purchase the book which is available at  

Anyhow, I have already shared with you the reasons why our homeschool is called Oak Grove Academy.   But when I read this devotion, I was intrigued in seeing how Purkinje Cells looks like.

Purkinje Cells - nerve cells carrying information from the cerebellum

I thought it was interesting to see similarity of these nerve cells with a mighty oak standing in the midst of winter.  See for yourself.

Oak tree without its leaves

Now I love our homeschool name even more.  After all, homeschooling is about learning and learning involve the brain like it or not.  

In case you are curious about Purkinje Cells - here's the Wikipedia page

And if you want to learn more about oak trees, well simply go to the page about an Oak.

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