Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CostumeSquad t-shirts


I surprised my husband last month when I gave him a Cyberdyne Systems Skynet Division t-shirt as a surprised.    First let me tell you that my husband is not too keen on surprises.   His love language is definitively not gifts… now do an act of service though and he will be very happy (like today, I shoveled cyberdyne-fullpart of the driveway so he can drive in the garage…  yes I left him the rest of it and he knows about it!  He will use the snowblower.)    So I didn’t know how he would react when I was going to give him the t-shirt.  Knowing that he LOVES the Terminator movies/TV Series I was hoping deep down in my soul that he would like it.   

“Honey, I have something for you!”  hiding the shirt behind my back…

“What?”  and then he gives me the look of you know I don’t like gifts kind of thing…

“Well, I know you like Terminator a lot and when I saw this, I couldn’t resist…  So I got one for you.”

and I showed him the t-shirt…   He loved it.

Thought it was very thoughtful of me.   *blush*

Then he saw the size…. 2XL – he usually gets XL as t-shirts.     Then I told him, “You know how the shirts we get in the US shrinks a lot in the dryer I thought this would be good.”   So off to the washer/dryer the t-shirt went.   And it shrunk like I hoped it would do.   *ouf*   

He also commented on the thickness of the shirt which he thought was thinner than the regular shirts he usually purchase.  However, he wears it on a regular basis.   And I think it is a perfect fit for him.   I’m so glad I decided to get a bigger size…

Costume Squad has – yes you’ve guest it – costumes… but it isn’t the only thing they have on their online store.

You can also find t-shirts from the 80s, funny t-shirts as well as dog costumes (yes even the four legs friends can wear costumes…).


Costume Squad is offering on adult shirt (value of $19.99 or less on

Leave me a comment and tell me which costume you like the best from Costume Squad.

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  1. I'll choose the "Canadian eh Team" t-shirt since all of my mini crew, including crew leader, is from least I can feel a part of them this way :)

  2. The gift was awesome and I'm happy your husband liked it. It's my boyfriend's birthday soon and you have given me a good idea about what to buy him as a present.

  3. As my husband's birthday is near and you gave me very nice idea to celebrate that event and make that special for him, ohhh i am really exciting now to celebrate his birthday