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What are scabs?

Scabs are new. You have never seen anything like them before! Scabs are fun fabric sticker patches. Once they are on your things, they won’t come off-not in the wash, not at play-SCABS STAY PUT!

Scabs can go on anything-your backpack, your jeans, your bicycle.

Parents love Scabs because they are easy to use no ironing or sewing is required. Also, Scabs are durable and machine washable. They do not tear or fray or easily peel off. Kids love Scabs because they are fun! They can personalize and accessorize their own things, collect different Scabs and trade with their friends.

Each Scab is made by Scabbee. He’s a friendly monster with lots of character. He eats chocolate and he is afraid of the dark. Scabbee has tons of energy. He loves to play all sports and trade books with his friends. Scabbee is always ready to play and have a great time!

Scabbee hides his picture on every Scab, so watch out for him. Scabbee hangs out with his monster friends, Goop, Cottonball and Brainfreeze.

My Thoughtsscabbee

This is a very original and innovative product that has grab the interest of all my kids – even my 9 years old son whose pants always have holes at the knees.   I have received the following design from the owner of the product.   And Scabbie was definitively the most popular one. 

canadianI am quite impressed with the quality of the scabs and can’t believe that I don’t have to iron or sew anything for it to stay in place.    The scabs can be applied to pants, shirts, lunch boxes, toys, crocs, water bottles and more!   At this time, my son has pierced another pair of pants at the knees (once again!) and I am seriously considering to apply one of these before the hole is too big to be fixed.   He asked to have the Canadian flag so I will

Another interesting place we could put a scabs would be in the back windows of a vehicle.   splatThink on how easy it would be to fun it in a busy parking lot.   Imagine that you have forgotten where you parked you vehicle at the mall.   Not a problem.   Look for the Bug Splat in the back window of your vehicle.   I’m sure it will be easy to spot and will make other people check it out too!

And best of all, Scabs are machine washable.   You simply have to put the pants upside down for the washing.   The kids can even write on them with permanent markers and it would stay.   What a great way to personalize a scab!  

Different collections are available on their website.

Original collection

These Scabs measure 5 inches by 4 inches. They are ideal for mending children's pants.  All Original Collection Scabs are $6.50 each.

Button collection

These Scabs measure 2 1/2 inches in diameter or width. They are ideal for mending small tears or personalizing and accessorizing belongings. All Button Collection Scabs are $4.50 each.

Allergy Scabs

These Scab are approximately 3 inches in height. All Allergy Scabs are $4.50 each.

Safety Scabs

These scabs are reflective! They are ideal for use on bicycles or outerwear.  All Safety Scabs are $6.50 each.

Custom Scabs

These Scabs are custom designed for schools and sports teams. They can be purchased by anyone.  All Custom Scabs are $4.50 each.

spotAlso, there is a GrabAScab fundraiser program that is available for any organizations.   Check out for more details.

You can purchase scabs directly from the GrabAScab website at Scabbee, Goop, Brain Freeze and Cottonball are waiting to come and visit you.    Visit the website and download the cool activities for your kids at the same time.  

Disclaimer: Thanks to Grab-A-Scab for sending me a variety of scabs for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. Scabs sound great. I could use some of those for my pants. Of course the kids could use some too!
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