Thursday, February 3, 2011

Overwhelmed and blessed

There are days when I wonder why I review products/books but these days are not numerous. 

Actually I can probably count them in the fingers of my hands.

But when February hit….  I am more discouraged.   Sick of the cold temperature.  In need of sunshine to replenish my batteries.

Every year it is the same.   And even though I know about it and expect it to hit… I don’t find myself prepared enough when it comes.

I dream of Spring and the birds coming back.  I dream of nice weather where we don’t have to wear multiple layers. I dream of going away with the RV.

Even though I don’t sleep well.

These days I find that my sleep is not as it used to be.   Is it because I am getting older?   Or I have too many things on my mind?   I don’t know.

Taking a nap in the afternoon is not an option as I can’t.   Simply can’t sleep in the afternoon for whatever reasons…

Speaking of sleeping, I realized this morning that I can only fall asleep when I am on the left side.  And funny enough I am a lefty – yes I do write with the left hand…

So I was wondering, if others out these can only fall asleep on the side that they write.  Are you?  Just wondering…

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