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9780756662868HLook Now – The World in Facts, Stats, and Graphics
Published at DK

About the Book

Look Now is a spellbinding picture of our world and its people conveyed through infographics. The five exciting chapters-Earth, People, Power, Industry, and Connections-examine the physical world and different spheres of human activity, and present facts, figures, graphics, illustrations, and photographs in a way that tells the interconnected stories of the modern world.
Half encyclopaedia, half almanac, and 100% awesome, the book delivers the information with a stunning array of graphic and visual tools that encourage the reader not only to understand the world we live in, but to see it in a brand new light.

My Thoughts

Did you know that there are 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants employing 1.5 million people, a population that’s bigger than 51 countries of the world?

Did you know that 2,425 cell phones are lost in the U.K. by accidentally flushing them down the toilet, 160 more are chewed by pet dogs in 1 day?2011_02_18_18_01_46_0006

Did you know that a teenager will take up to 48 minutes per day to groom himself/herself?

Did you know that a ripe cocoa pod is about the size of a pineapple?

Did you know that only fungu-certified chefs are allowed to prepare the puffer fish as a meal?

Did you know that you could turn man’s best friend into a girl’s best friend by converting a pet’s ashes into a diamond?

I bet you didn’t.   Look Now is packed with fun and interesting facts like these about the world around us.  This book can become an interesting  reference book while doing research or just for the fun of reading it to learn more.

My oldest son is the one who is the most interested in this book.   His interest in the world around him is very interesting.  I could catch him flipping through the pages and then get excited about some tidbit of information that he had just read.   He would immediately want to share it with everyone else in the family.   *grin*  


Even I would pick up the book at the end of the day to read a page or two.    It is very interesting what you can learn in it.    I was particularly surprised of the comparison of the size of the fast-food meals in 1989 versus 2009.   WoW!   Seeing the size of that burger I wonder how an adult can eat through it.    Unbelievable!  No wonder there are weight issues these days…  Another interesting page was about manners around the world.  Fro example, while reading this page we learned that Japanese think that it is barbaric to blow your nose in public and even worse to keep a used tissue in your pocket.  Personally, I dislike hearing someone sniffing all the time.

The information contained in this book is divided in various sections: Earth, People, Power, Industry, Connections, as well as Reference.  Keep in mind that some of the information presented in this book is based on information presented in school materials (like for example the age of the planet).    I personally teach both views to my kids so that they know what to expect when they talk with others or when they would go back to school.    Nevertheless the information found in this book is so interesting that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the world around them.   

Watch a little video presenting the Look Now book. 

Look Now is available everywhere even at

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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