Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social Media and Barbie & Ken

As I was reading the lesson for the next few weeks in my social media course, it got me pondering on how the social network has been used in the past to promote something. I remembered stumbling on a book last year titled Historical Tweets ( . They even have a twitter account -

Then suddenly I came onto the news that Barbie and Ken were back together… If you remember correctly back in 2004 it was all over the news that they broke up and such. Well imagine my reaction when I read that Mattel is using the social media world to promote their back together. There’s talk about engagement which means there’s might be a wedding in the horizon. Ah!

Not only the Ottawa Citizen caught the news but even the blog world… And believe it or not but they are using facebook and twitter as well as an online dating site to promote it.

I think Mattel is using the social media world in a wise and innovative way to make people talk about Barbie and Ken. My daughter is too young to understand all the buzz going around. She has been introduced to Barbie only recently. But having grown up with Barbie and Ken, I wonder where this marketing will be going and how little girls everywhere will react to this news.

For more details go to - Yes they even have their own website....

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