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Imagining me

0986531502Imagining Me
Picture It Picture Books

About the book
The one and only book series that children illustrate themselves. We write the stories and leave out the illustrations, giving children a chance to set their imaginations free. Our books focus on the environment, social responsibility, positive human interaction and creativity.

The most important part about Picture It Picture Books is that they don’t have any pictures.  We give our readers the opportunity to illustrate their very own books.  By visualizing the images to a story as it unfolds and then committing those images to paper, readers engage with our texts in a meaningful, physical way.  This increases reading comprehension and encourages readers to apply what they’ve learned to their own lives.

Picture It Picture Books:  Drawing on your imagination.

Our Thoughts
We received a Picture It Picture Books as part of a product testing via Mom Central Canada.    Having received only one book titled Imagining Me, I decided to put it in the hands of my artistic child – Dominic then age 6 1/2.

Dominic immediately went to work on his book.   He loved the fact that it permits him to be creative and draw according to what the text said.   

Each page of the book contains some writing describing what has to be drawn.    For  younger children and for struggling readers you might have to read the text  for them. The page is big enough to add as much details as the child desire.   Honestly I think this is a very creative way to encourage the child to explore drawing and use their imagination.    Part of me almost wish I would have thought about it…  *grin*

Below are the pictures where he has drawn more details.   Some other pages have less characters/details so I didn’t post them here.   Dominic still has one page to work on but he hasn’t been inspired to do it just yet.

2-22-2011 3;39;53 PM 
Dominic pictured himself with his blond hair, blue eyes, and glasses.

2-22-2011 3;41;48 PM
The whole family together.   Everyone is illustrated here!

2-22-2011 3;44;57 PM 
Dominic loves food…  So he drew a bunch of his favourite food on the first page.   Let’s just say that there isn’t many food that he doesn’t like. 

2-22-2011 3;46;34 PM
Dominic loves to play in the pool after the swimming lessons with his friend, Parker.

2-22-2011 3;49;29 PM 
On a desert island, Dominic brought his little sister, Jasmine with him!

2-22-2011 3;50;21 PM
All my kids love to do science….   He was very creative to show the experiments bubbling here!

At the zoo Daddy is taking the picture 
On this page, he decided to illustrate our family going to the zoo but dad is taking the picture.

Star Wars Clone Wars
This illustration picture Dominic fighting the Roger Roger robots in a Star Wars Clone Wars Scene…

Needless to say, Dominic loved doing his Imagining Me book.   The other three kids were a bit disappointed not to have one too! 

There are a variety of titles available: “My Alphabet”, “Imagining Me”, “One,Deux,Three”, “Goodnight Dreams”, “Captain Zane”, and “The Moon Story”.  All books are in English except for the number one which also has the French included.   Eventually, I would like to see a similar product in French or at least see these books being translated…

The Picture it Picture Books are available at Chapters/Indigo for the price of 7.59$ for members.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Picture It Picture Books and Mom Central Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not in any obligation to post a review and was not monetarily compensated. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way, shape or form.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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