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Thought Spots


About the product

It’s all about living with intention and keeping the good stuff in sight…and in mind!

We’ve placed inspiring messages, learning concepts, everyday communication, and growth-building thoughts on a “spot”. These “spots” are then grouped into theme based thought experiences called Thought Packs or individual thought experiences called a Big Thought. Thought Spots™ are made from high grade Static-Cling vinyl; you put them on your mirror or most shiny surfaces and they stick with no adhesive, which means no mess. Because they’re so easy to use (and re-use!), you can move them around and change them often so that you can keep your thoughts fresh.

Use Thought Spots™ for yourself or to share with others.  Watch them stimulate a moment of reflection, prompt a discussion, motivate action, spark a new perspective, or simply, create a smile!

Thought Spots™ was designed to support years of research and good thinking by some extraordinary people.  Here are some of the concepts that went into creating our meaningful, effective life tools:


Reflective Practice is an invitation to think deeply about our actions so that we may act with greater insight and effectiveness in the future.  This concept was introduced in 1983 by Donald Schön in the healthcare field.  Even though reflection occurs naturally in people, by structuring it you can call attention to this natural process and stimulate new thoughts with questions you may not have considered previously.  Many Thought Packs and Big Thoughts include statements, questions or unfinished thoughts in order to stimulate a personal reflective practice.


Current research supports the notion that when you think, your brain releases chemicals and an electrical transmission moves across your brain – so thoughts indeed, are very real!  More importantly, they affect how you feel and how you act, regardless of your age.  Psychologists remind us that we all experience negative thoughts from time to time, which are often repetitive and seemingly involuntary.  These thoughts can have an equally negative impact on the physical health of the body.  It is suggested by many leading physicians and psychologists that when we counteract negative thoughts with positive, uplifting messages we in turn strengthen the body and feel more content.  The underlying theme of all Thought Spots is an attitude of positivity to encourage a flow of thoughts that can serve us and help us live happily.


The premise of this scientifically based model is that there is a natural progression of stages that human beings experience as they navigate change.  They are known as pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance. Knowing what stage an individual is in can help us better understand the motivation for their behavioral or thought based change and their willingness to see the change through.  This model can help people to understand how to be successful in their change efforts.  Some Thought Packs, like Motivation! for example, acknowledge these stages in the message order and content.

My Thoughts

It is well known that our thoughts can affect who we are.   And a new product one the market is there to encourage kids and adults alike to have positive thinking.

Thought Spots is a wonderful little tool that will encourage anyone who reads it.   It is easy to install and fun to look at on a daily basis.   Whether in the bathroom, on the mirror in your room or on the window of your cabinet, Thought Spots will give you encouragement and positive thoughts no matter where you are.  It will make you reflect on your blessings, sparks a discussion with a co-worker or visiting friend, make you act on it and bring a smile to your face.

Presently, I have installed different Thought Spots around the house (actually the 2nd floor of the house).


This one is in my office.   It reminds me to thing of something that I am grateful for on a daily  basis.   Thanking God for something different is an habit I am trying to do on a daily basis.  


This one is located on the mirror in the kids’ bathroom.    I find it important that they know that I am proud of them and that I want them to continue to do their best.


Finally, this one is on the mirror of my beautiful daughter.   She can’t read right now but when she will I want her to know that I love her very much and that she is my sunshine.   All my kids are important but this is my only daughter…

Having little words of encouragement like this around the house is nice to have.   I do tell my kids often that I am proud of their achievements while homeschooling but having other ways to let them know about it if fun.    I find the Thought Spots to be very creative.   I would like to see some with Faith sayings on it like Count Your Blessings, Trust in the Lord, Jesus is the Reason for the Season (with a Christmas design), Believe, Joy, Love, and Faith – just to name a few.

Thought Spots can also be used as a fundraiser which is a healthy alternative to built up self-esteem instead of taking weight with chocolate and cookies.   For more details go to

The JOY Project is another initiative from Thought Spots.  

What is it? It's all about sharing joy with other women to brighten their day or inspire them to be their best.
How does it work? I am giving away Thought Packs and Big Thoughts to spark some sharing and moments of joy. There are two ways this is happening: 1) Every time someone orders Thought Spots, I will give them 3 free Big Thoughts. Their job is to share them with other women who could use a kind or motivating thought to bring joy to their day. 2) I will seek out community groups and organizations who would benefit from a JOY Project donation and make sure they get to the right people - kids and women alike.
When did it start? I launched The JOY Project at the Children's Trunk Show on May 12, 2010 and gave away over 70 Big Thoughts that will be shared! So cool! And, even though this was the formal launch of the The JOY Project, there was already some sharing going on last year when I gave Halton Women's Place over 100 Thought Packs to share with the women at the shelter who could really use an inspiring thought and a new perspective.
Why The JOY Project? Because the world can always use a little more joy! And, truth is, like a lot of women, I love to give. It's a bit selfish I admit, because giving and feeling like I can help inspire or motivate someone gives me - in return - a rush of excitement and joy! So, The JOY Project ends up being a win-win: joy to the recipients and joy to me!
How can you get involved? Tell me about a group of women or kids who could really benefit from a JOY Project donation by emailing me at . Join me at other community events where I'll be handing out FREE Big Thoughts to share. Order Thought Spots on-line and participate in the sharing. Or simply, write a note to a woman you know and share some joy!

In conclusion, I find the Thought Spots very useful to encourage myself and the kids on a daily basis.    They can see that I think of them when I put one of these somewhere.   Their reactions the first time they saw them was “Hey something is on our mirror!” and the younger ones asked their big brother to read it for them!   You can also surprise a friend in need of encouragement with one of these –like another homeschool mom or a friend going through a though time.     And what is fantastic is that they are made by a Canadian mom who wants to spread a positive attitude around everyone!

You can purchase the Thought Spots directly from their website    

Disclaimer: Thanks to Thought Spots for sending me a variety of Thought Spots for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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