Monday, February 28, 2011

Frog Dissection


Frog Dissection app

Created by Emantras Inc.

Every year, at our homeschool conference, a company gives away a frog for dissection.   Personally I think this is totally cool but many moms don’t enjoy winning this item and reluctantly select it. 

Recently, I discovered a wonderful app that will permit your homeschool kids to learn about dissection and discover the interesting organs in a frog without having the mess to clean and the handling of a dead frog in your house.   The app is Frog Dissection and it is packed with interesting information on top of the dissection ability.

virtualfrog_screen2The images in this app are very realistic and 3D .    The dissection activity is guided with avirtualfrog_screen1 step by step voice over which help you to proceed to the experiment.   Once the dissection is completed, you get the opportunity of learning more about the various organs in a frog.   The app allows you to turn the organ in a 360 degree to observe it on various angles.   

I always was fascinated with biology.   My 2nd son likes animals a lot and he was the first one to use this app.   He wanted to do the dissection by himself while following the  instructions. 

The app also contains information about frogs, some videos showing how frogs jumps, catch flies and sing, a quiz on frogs and their organs as well as an anatomical comparison of humans with frogs.   Needless to say, this app is packed with information that will make a wonderful science lesson for your kids. 

Check out this little video on the app.

Honestly, I am impressed with the quality and the information found in this app.    I am recommending it to every homeschoolers who don’t want to handle the real live dissection. 

In conclusion, I hope that the creators behind the Frog Dissection app will consider coming up with other apps like this.   For example, items I would love to be able to dissect would be: mussels, sheep heart, grasshopper, bird, pig,…  I could come with numerous ideas to spice up the biology lessons.  

Frog Dissection is available for the iPad for the price of 3.99$ which is a very good investment for your biology lesson. 

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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