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Busy Mom’s Guide to Family Nutrition

imageBusy Mom’s Guide to Family Nutrition
Published at Tyndale

About the book

With almost everything you need to know to care for your family available on the Internet or at the library these days, how do you sort through the wealth of information available? How do you narrow down your web search? And how many pages are in that reference guide? It can be overwhelming to look for specific information. Relax—we have the cure for the common search. The information you need is at your fingertips in the practical and easy-to-use “Busy Mom’s Guide” series.

Using a question-and-answer format, Busy Mom’s Guide to Family Nutrition provides bite-sized pieces of information, including nutritional basics, the skinny on fats, interpreting food labels, exploring popular diet plans, and much more. Improve your family’s health quotient with the quick reference material found inside, and enjoy your healthy family!

Some content previously published in the Complete Guide’s Family Health, Nutrition, and Fitness.

My Thoughts

How do I get my family to eat healthy food?

Which weight loss plan is right for me?

How do I help my overweight child?

How do I cut through the hype about health & nutrition?

These are all interesting questions that are listed on the cover of the book.    And every mom should worry about these because essentially it is important to teach your kids to make healthy choices so that when they are alone they will continue to make such choices.   But how can you find answers that you can trust to your questions especially from a Christian perspective?   That’s why this book has been published.   Essentially, this book will provide answers to your questions, guidance on how to select healthy food for your family and improve your family’s health on the long run.  This book is divided into sick chapters which will guide you in making sensible choices for your family.

Chapter 1 will introduce you to the nutritional basics.  It covers everything from the sugars, fats and proteins to the more complicated information like enzymes and explanation of lactose intolerance.  Chapter 2 will give you guidance on how to make healthy food choices for every member of your family.  In this chapter, you will read about the importance of eating together as a family as well as learn quite a bit about what is healthy and what’s not.  Chapter 3 will highlights the importance of vitamins and minerals while chapter 4 will concentrate it’s information on the weight problem and how to put a strategy in place to help you control it. Chapter 5 will provide information on the various diets, medications and surgery to help control the weight problem. Finally chapter 6 will guide you in how to help your child or teenager who might be overweight.   It is a well known fact that being overweight can affect the spirit of a person.  Helping a child or a teenager to feel confident even though he/she might be overweight is important I find.   This book will provide you tips and tricks on how to encourage your child to exercise and eat healthy.

I find this book talks about such an important topic that I consider that every family should own a copy.     However, while reading the book and searching information on specific subjects that would interest me more, I realized that this book was essentially a short version of the information found in the Complete Guide to Family Health, Nutrition and Fitness which I had purchased last year in a clearance bin at a store in town.    So since I have the large book in hand, I decided to compare the text of this book to the other one.   And it is compatible – to the point that if you already own the Complete Guide to Family Health, Nutrition and Fitness I don’t think I would suggest that you purchase the Busy Mom’s Guide to Family Nutrition unless you really desire to tuck it in your purse and carry it around with you.   On the other hand, if you are curious in knowing more about family nutrition, the Busy Mom’s Guide to Family Nutrition is the perfect book for you.    You can trust the information you will find in it because it is an official book from the Focus on the Family Physicians Resource Council in the U.S.A.  

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Family Nutrition is available at your favorite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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