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9780756658137HOUCH!  How Your Body Makes It Through A Very Bad Day
From DK Canada

About the book

Now in paperback! From blistering bee stings to pus-filled pimples, this eye-popping book takes readers on a virtual tour of all of the grossest, gooiest, and most fascinating events that bodies have to endure. Featuring incredible 3-D graphics that reveal the action and body's response in microscopic detail, Ouch! combines kid-friendly gross-out value with cutting-edge anatomical and biological expertise.

Our Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book.   But essentially this interesting book will bring you through the human body and see how it reacts to daily assaults.   Have your child ever wondered how sneezing happens or why do we sweat?   Did he/she asked questions about why do we vomit sometimes or why he/she has asthma?    Ouch! will provide some answers to these questions with the help of a nanocam which brings you up close and personal with what could happen to your body on a daily basis like: sneezing, bathroom break, bone protection, pimples (let’s get back to this one later okay?), brushing teeth, cut, sweating, body bugs, reflex action, bee sting, suntan, pathogens and parasites, ear invasion, adrenalin, asthma, outer defenses, choking, bad taste, vomiting, sleeping and the fact that it is a continuing battle each and every day of our lives.

In this fun book (Yes, it is a fun book even though the read might gross you out!), the nanocam will bring close-up images of how the body reacts to various things.   For example, in the sneezing pages you can almost feel the droplets splash you while the person sneeze.   But after this up-close-and-personal experience, you get detailed information on how this happened.    Let’s get back to the pimples okay?  Who likes pimples?  NOBODY.    Some people are slightly affected by them while others seems to feel as though they are constantly attacked – every single day.    I will admit that the up-close-and-personal picture is not very appetizing for this case but the information afterward explains how a pimple appears in your face.   Interestingly enough, apparently you are not suppose to squeeze pimples.    The squeezing can force the content to go deeper in the skin, allow the current bacteria on your skin to enter the wound which will cause infection, and it could possibly leave a scar.     Reading the information on the following pages, I discovered that it is a myth to believe that eating chocolate and fried food causes pimples.    The best options to avoid numerous pimples would be to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink water, and wash twice daily with a mild soap.  

Okay enough with the pimples…   The book also support the importance of brushing your teeth, explains how your body reacts to a cut, explore the defenses you have in the deepest part of the body as well as highlight the importance of sleep.   This book contains images that might bring your stomach upside down but the information in it will help your child to discover how the human body work when it goes through a very bad day.   Bottom line, this book is perfect to discover how your body was designed to react to various attacks and can be use as a complement when studying the human body.

I will admit that my kids reacted grossly when they saw some of the pictures but the information contained in this book is very interesting making the pictures not so bad in the end.     If your child is interested on how the human body reacts to attacks, this book is definitively the one for him/her.    I only wish they would have included some pages on how the body reacts to poison ivy.  This would have been interesting for us as last year my third son, Jérémy, had reactions to it not once, not twice but three times.   Each time he got exposed to it (from our campground unfortunately), the reaction was worse.    Poor kid!   Now I know how to treat the reaction but I think that there are more possible things that could be written in another Ouch! book.   

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