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Craft Wisdom and Know-How

9781579128630Craft Wisdom & Know-How – Everything You Need to Know to Stitch, Sculpt, Bread, and Build
Published at Workman

About the book

The fifth book in the popular Wisdom and Know-How series, Craft Wisdom & Know-How covers dozens of the most popular crafts in one complete, all-encompassing resource.

The book is organized by type of craft and includes Sewing, Knitting, and Other Needlework; Paper Crafts and Bookmaking; Glasswork; Jewelry Making; Pottery and Clay; Mosaics; Candle-making and Decorating; and Woodworking and Furniture Making. The sections are further broken down into chapters that cover specific crafts, each with step-by-step directions and tips for projects for all levels of skill and ability, from beginner to advanced. Hundreds of projects are included, such as Super Sock Monkeys, Crocheted Hats, Etched Glass, One-Afternoon Skirts, and Beading Vintage-Style Jewelry, to name a few.

The material is hand-selected from dozens of publications from Lark Books, a leader in craft books. The information is tried, trusted, and true, and provides indispensable instruction and advice from the most accomplished crafters in the world. With hundreds of black-and-white illustrations and photographs, as well as essential resources for materials and tools, Craft Wisdom & Know-How is a must-have book for the aspiring and experienced crafter alike.

My Thoughts

This book is a gigantic source of ideas for any crafter out there.    Whether you like to knit, do beading projects or make cards, you will find something to either deepen your enjoyment of making crafts or to learn a new skill.   The first thing that will hit you when you see this book is definitively its size.    Why?   Well let’s just say that it is bigger than regular book on crafts out there.   The second thing that is impressive is the fact that it present ideas for ten different kind of crafts.

In this huge book you will find the basics as well as projects on how to do beadwork, candlemaking, polymer clay crafts, floral crafts, glass crafts, knitting & crochet, mosaics, paper crafts, swing and stitching as well as woodworking.   This book give you an introduction in how to start in a specific craft as well as give you a variety of projects from beginner to advanced.   This way not only will you discover a new skill to develop but you can practice and become better at it.  While flipping through the pages of candlemaking, I remembered some of the techniques I had learned while doing extra-curricular activities while in high school.    I used to do paraffin candles back then.  And when I got married, I took some classes at Micheal’s on how to manipulate beeswax and make fancy candles.    I don’t have much time anymore to do that but having this book in my hands I can relearn and rediscover how to make candles with my kids as a school project.

One of my desire would be to learn how to crochet.   I tried with this book but with nobody to guide me in it, I am uncertain of how good of a job I am doing.   I find it partly disappointing that all the pictures in this book are in black and white.   I wish they would be in color to help me to visualize the instructions.    Needless to say I am not abandoning the idea of crocheting one day.   I just need to persevere I guess. 

There are also small projects for kids in the woodworking section.   This would be interesting to keep them occupy during the summer season.

If you have an interest in learning a specific craft and wonder if you would enjoy it, this book is definitively the one I would suggest for you to consider.   There are numerous craft ideas with step-by-step instructions for you to dig into.   

The Craft Wisdom & Know-How is available at your favorite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: I received the product from Workman for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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