Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nature Notes

9781908170385Nature Notes
Published at Cico Books

About the book

Spending time outdoors is one of life's greatest pleasures – and now you can keep a note of all the wonderful animals and plants you encounter on your adventures with this excellent journal. Using the specially designed pages you'll be able to note down all those exciting sightings – which birds, animals and insects you spotted and where – and make a wishlist of nature hotspots to visit, so you can be organized and get the most out of your time spent outdoors. There are enough pages to record a whole year of trips into nature, with both lined and blank pages for notes, drawings, plant pressings and bark rubbings. The journal includes special pages to press your flowers. Also included is a pocket and plastic sleeve to store anything small you might collect, from feathers to leaves – all the bits and pieces to help you remember all those special walks.

My Thoughts

I love nature.   Plain and simple.   The peace that can surround you when you watch a yellow finch going from branch to branch or the discovery of robin’s eggs in a nest is the best kind of all.    And this year, I have decided to lead my kids in the exploration of nature that surround us either at home, at the campground or in expeditions.   

I was debating on how we would track our discoveries.  With four kids, I am sure that they will want to have their own notebook to sketch or color what they see as well as make notes of their own.   But I wanted to have a family note book of some sort.   When I got the opportunity of review books from various publishers distributed by Thomas Allen, I carefully selected some of the titles I would like to have.   Imagine my delight and excitement when I saw the Nature Notes in one of the catalogues.   I loved the cover and knew this would be perfect for our family!

This was one of the first book I opened up when I received my delivery.    As I suspected, the Nature Notes is a guide to keeping a nature journal.  Translation for me: A perfect tool to get in the habit to write in a nature journal.  Ideal for beginners!   (which we are in a way…)

You will find three chapters in this notebook – Birds, Insects, and Animals; Flowers, Plants and Trees'; and Nature Walks.   You can write in it with specific lines like date, where you were, special features, route taken, and best moments.   You can also sketch what you see if you want to take the moment to do so.    The journal also includes a plastic sleeve at the back to store specimens as well as blotting paper for drying your flowers later (I wish there were more of these in the journal!).  

The size of the journal is perfect to carry with you in a backpack.   Although it is strongly suggested to bring along the following items when going on a nature walk – pen, pencil, coloring crayons, ruler to measure the finds, magnifying glass, binocular, camera, reference guides, mason jar to transport insects and small things to study, a spray bottle to spray things and see greater details (Great idea!).

I’m totally excited to start our explorations and find what nature can reveal to us.    I will definitively bring this notebook with us when we go outside and discover the great world God has made for use to enjoy.  Experience something new this year, learn to appreciate nature and don’t forget your nature journal to take notes about your discoveries.    

Nature Notes can be found everywhere where you can buy journals and notebooks.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from Thomas Allen. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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