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Story of the Titanic–Digital Edition

9781465400734_FC_225x225-75Story of the Titanic – Digital Edition

About the Digital Edition

This is the tragic story of the Titanic, the biggest and most luxurious ocean liner the world has ever seen, which sank on her maiden voyage in April 1912. Follow the fateful voyage of this world-famous liner through vivid original artwork, discovering how she was built and equipped, and what kind of passengers and crew she carried. This new eBook contains interactive zooming features to illustrate where the Titanic is on her voyage and a gallery widget showcasing incredible photographic imagery of the ship, its construction, its lavish interior, a taste of life onboard, and the aftermath of the disaster. Experience the history of the Titanic like never before, watching the sinking ship in its 4-step sequence and listening to the distress calls made from on board. Explore it all, with a 3-D model of the Titanic at your fingertips. Watch newsreel footage documenting the Titanic being built, the ship's launch, and relatives waiting for news of the survivors. Story of the Titanic takes a closer look at the passengers and crew of the Titanic, following their different fates from the exciting start of the voyage to its tragic end.

My Thoughts

I had the privilege to review the book version of the Story of the Titanic back in March.   So when I was offered to review the digital edition for the iPad, I immediately jumped on it because I knew this book was of high quality.   How can DK make the book even better I wondered?  Well, let me tell you I was surprised and pleased with the digital edition of the book.

The book is divided in four sections;

  • The introduction will explain how the different widgets you will found throughout the book work.
  • The Mighty Titanic is presenting how the ship was build.
  • The Fateful Voyage is highlighting the different problems that have lead to the tragedy we all know today.   You will also discover the everyday life on the ship during the voyage.
  • The Aftermath is presenting how the press covered the tragedy, the people who died and those who survived as well as the inquiries that happened after the tragedy.

The book also contains video, sound, slides, a 3-D model, old photos, a magnifying glass to get a better view of the voyage, as well as some Can You Spot? games.    This digital edition is full of wonders and exploration of it’s own.   I almost wished that the book would contain more information to make my experience last longer. 

See some of the pages in the digital edition of the Story of the Titanic.



This digital edition is wonderfully made and I would highly recommend it for school and homeschool.    There is much to learn from the Titanic and the tragedy that happened afterward.  My only disappointment is that there isn’t any sound on the old video footage.   But knowing that this is old footage, I am more willing to accept it.   Still a bit of piano music like back in the days for black and white movies at the theater would have been nice.

Thought we have both the book and the digital editions, I think I prefer the digital edition better as it will grab more the attention of the child looking at it because of the multi-media included in it as well as the interactions in the book.     Thank you DK for making a wonderful digital version of an already amazing book!

Requirements:  This book can only be viewed using iBooks 2 on an iPad.  iOS 5 is required.

Available for purchase on iTunes for the price of 4.99$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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