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Consensus Junior Edition

our_products_box3Consensus Junior Edition

About the game

This award-winning game is highly educational and parent friendly, and each game is filled with lots of laughter. Consensus® Junior Edition is extremely well suited as a family game. Consensus® Junior Edition is a game about opinions. It is not a trivia game, nor is it a strategy game. It is a game which allows its participants to express themselves as individuals and/or as part of a group, all while learning about each other’s passions and personal preferences. Try Consensus® Junior Edition today and start building memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

For 3 to 8 Players, ages 8 and up
30 Minutes per Game

• Game Board
• 200 Noun Cards
• 75 Adjective Cards
• 8 Voting Decks (8 colors, 10 cards per deck)
• 8 Game Pawns (8 colors)
• Instruction Sheet

Our Thoughts

When I first received this game we didn’t know what to expect from it.   So one afternoon in April, we set up the game and decided to play as a family.   The two youngest were teaming up with mom and dad and the two oldest were playing independently.    So we have four players in a way.    After reading the instructions, we decided to try out a game to see how it would go.  

Here’s all the items you will get in the game.


Essentially, Consensus Junior Edition is a game of opinion where you decide based, on your personal preferences, which noun associates better with the adjective selected.   If a group of people decide for the same  noun, they win and advance one spot on the board.

Here’s a close-up view of the starting point on the board game.   What I particularly like about this game is that there are 8 game pawns so we could eventually play all the family together with the grand-parents.   I don’t find it wise from companies producing games to limit the game pawns to four sometimes (we have seen it…)


So we embarked on a great half-hour with the voting of which noun goes best with the adjective.   After each rounds, you remove all the nouns selected as well as the adjectives and you select new ones to go on the board.  


The game was fun and quite different than the ones we usually play with.   Later on, I spotted my two oldest setting it up to play together but I told them that preferable it would need four to five players to be more interesting.   They were a bit disappointed at this news.   The game works only when there is a consensus and if you are only two it’s hard to have a consensus….

This game is also education as not only do they have to think about how the adjective describe the best noun our of the ten picked but they also discover new ways to apply adjectives.    I selected a noun once and my husband was asking me why I did that and when I explain he said that it was an interesting way of seeing it.

Because of it’s educational part as well as to aspect of developing your opinion, I highly recommend the game for every family.

The game can be purchased for the price of 25$ directly from their website as well as the following stores in Canada: Teacher Supply Store, Scholars Choice, Mastermind Toys, and B.C. Playthings.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game from Mindlogic Inc. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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