Thursday, December 27, 2012

Come to the Table

1595548653_jpgCome to the Table
By Neta Jackson
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book

Kat Davies is suddenly wondering if her good deed was a bad idea.

Kat may be new in her faith, but she’s embraced the more radical implications of Christianity with reckless abandon. She invited Rochelle—a homeless mother—and her son to move in the apartment she shares with two other housemates. And she’s finally found a practical way to channel her passion for healthy eating by starting a food pantry at the church.

Her feelings for Nick are getting harder to ignore. The fact that he’s the interning pastor at SouledOut Community Church and one of her housemates makes it complicated enough. But with Rochelle showing interest in Nick as a father-figure for her son, their apartment is feeling way too small.

But not everyone thinks the food pantry is a good idea. When the woman she thought would be her biggest supporter just wants to “pray about it,” Kat is forced to look deeper at her own motives. Only when she begins to look past the surface does she see people who are hungry and thirsty for more than just food and drink and realizes the deeper significance of inviting them to “come to the table.”

My Thoughts

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to review the latest Neta Jackson’s book.   I have read all of the Yada Yada Prayer Group Series and I was hooked with her SouledOut Sisters series when I reviewed the first book – Stand By Me.

I was so looking forward to re-connect with her beloved characters – Nick, Kat, Rochelle, and Bree.   And let me tell you I was not disappointed.   When sickness hit me during the Christmas holidays, there was nothing else than take it slow and read…  I devoured this book and I am left wanting more.  I want to know what will happen next as many new events happens like a whirlwind in the last quarter of the book.    I won’t expand in what happened on characters met in the Yada Yada Series and for some characters in the SouledOut Sisters Series but let me tell you that a lot of excitement is guaranteed for the next book.   Well at least I am expecting it….   I suspect that there will be road blocks as well but in the end, walking through the story with these characters makes you feel as though you are part of their little group.

This book will bring you a refreshing story.   It can be read independently even if you haven’t read the previous book but I will be honest with you – Neta Jackson is an author worthy to discover in 2013.   I would seriously consider getting all the Yada Yada and her other books before reading this one.   I , myself, have missed some titles in between the Yada Yada Series and the SouledOut Sisters Series.   I am planning to correct this during the new year.     Come to the Table touches the  subject of feeding the ones who are in need of physical food and spiritual food.   It might also give you a nudge in doing something different to help people in need during 2013.   I has given me some food for thought – no pun intended – on doing something different to help others.

Come to the Table is available to your favourite bookstore, even and


The book is also available on Kindle.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Nelson and B&B Media for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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