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GAM 688 Outsmart (3D Box)Outsmart – One question. Many answers. Originality counts!

About the game

OutSmart is a new game the whole family will love.  It is fun and fast-paced.  The game is simple- one questions, many answers but only originality counts!  For instance- "Which countries have won soccer's World Cup title?"  Everyone writes down their answers but you only get a point for an answer that no one else comes up with.  So in this game, it is all about outsmarting your opponents! 

My Thoughts

Playing is quite easy.   Each person receives an answer sheet.  Someone rolls the dice to determine the number of answers required.  Then a card is picked and a topic teaser chosen.   The question is read out loud and the players write their answers in thimagee hopes that they can outsmart their competitors.  The goal is to give the most correct answers.   To be the best you will have to be wise in which answers you will write – should you chose the more popular ones or the less obvious ones?    Because in the end only the original answers will count.

Let’s try one for fun…  I will ask a question and try to find the answers.   (not cheating please)


Besides skin, what are the largest human organs?  (6 possible answers)

The box contains 120 question cards, a timer, a dice and a question card reader sleeve.   You will also find answer sheets and score sheets included in the box.  Some of the questions are Canadian based as I stumbled on some that were specific to things happening in Canada.   I find this fabulous because most of the time games are made in the US and contains questions based on US history and such.    Not that I mind questions like that but having a game that has Canadian questions is always nice.  

You can play with two to six players (perfect for my whole family!).  The winner is the player who earns the most points in a round.

I think this game would be perfect during the Christmas holidays as families are gathered together for a few days.  It is a great game to bring at parties also.   Nothing is better to encourage team playing in such setting.   It is a good way to have fun and laugh at the answers given by everyone.   It is definitively a family game for everyone ages 8 and up.

Are you ready to get the answers of the question I asked?   Here they are – liver, brain, lungs, heart, kidneys, spleen.   How many were you able to list?    Please take a minute to let me know in the comments below!  

The Outsmart game is available at specific stores in the country.  Check out their Get a Copy page on the website.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Orca Communications for sending the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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