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Live Second–Reading 4

1400204801_jpgEarlier this year, I had the opportunity to review the book I AM SECOND. Regularly, I hear on CHRI 99.1 some testimonies for IAMSECOND.COM and I am moved by what I hear from the people speaking. More recently, I have been approached to participate to the Week-Of-Second Blogging Campaign in an effort to share our thoughts on readings of the new book titled Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First.  The book is published through Thomas Nelson.

About the book

365 Ways to Put Jesus First

Athletes and actors, models and musicians, pastors and politicians … many have stepped forward, looked in the camera, and proclaimed, “I am second.” But most in the I Am Second movement are not celebrities. They are ordinary people—and they’ve come to the simple realization that when God comes first in their lives, everything makes sense.

But living second is not easy. It takes grit and humility, submission to God’s will, a willingness to listen and serve, an openness to God’s healing and call.

Live Second is a daily guide to help you. With 365 readings, prayers, actions steps, and an invitation to join other Christ-followers online, what you hold in your hands is a tool built with truth, scripture, and a sure path to put Jesus first every day.

The Christian life is not meant to be easy, just worth it. Live Second is exactly what you need as you become the new, inspired, God-honoring creation he made you to be.

My Assignment

To participate to this special blogging campaign I was asked to select 4 readings within session 2 of the book and to write four blog posts during the launch week about my spiritual journey as I read and interacted with the Live Second book.

Reading 4 – CHILD (Page 62 of the book)

Father. Papa. Each language has it’s own word for fatherhood.  But the one that represent God when you are a Christian is…


As I mentioned earlier this week, I am on a journey to discover God as my Father – the one who will be there for me at all times.  Over the summer,God gave me a scripture to remind me He will always be there no matter what happens.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I won’t go into all the details in this blog post but let me tell you that this specific scripture has become a life scripture for me.  It spoke to my soul and I embraced it.  I knew He was always with me but this scripture made it even more real to me, more tangible.   And these past few months, I have discovered how much He cares for me and my family.  By the blessings He give us, opportunities knocking at our door, and by providing for our needs,God – my Father – cares for me.  He speaks to me through touching devotions I am reading,  by speaking through other people, by strengthening me, by reminding me that He is there even when I don’t see what He is doing.

It’s an incredible journey to discover His love for me.   I needed that to grow as His child, to learn to be His child, to be the woman He planned for me to be.   Yes there are disciplines sometimes or rules – and yes I might want to kick and scream and complain when it doesn’t go the way I expected it to go.  But ultimately God knows better than me.     It’s like us when we parent our kids.  They don’t like some rules in our house or being punished for something they did.  They don’t like loosing privileges…   But it’s for their own good.  They need to learn to respect our decisions and realize that we love them – no matter what. It’s the same with God towards me.   I have some growing up to do and discovering His love is part of it.  

I am so blessed to have been adopted in His family and to consider myself His daughter.  I am a princess of the TRUE King.   

I am priceless and that’s why Jesus died for me.  

That’s how much God loves me.  

He loves you too!  Will you trust Him to the point of totally surrendering to Him?  He won’t forsake you.   And the ride is so worth it – not always easy but so worth it…

Want to read more about people who have decided to make Jesus first? Get I am Second and Live Second. You won’t be disappointed.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Doug Bender for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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