Sunday, December 16, 2012

La Dee Da Girls

If you have been to toy stores at this time of the year, you will find numerous options for your kids.   But Spin Master has released new dolls that might interest your daughter or the little girl in your life – La Dee Da dolls!  

Here’s the stich-uation: Dee and her friends have a fashion label called La Dee Da! Even ordinary things inspire them to design dee-licious looks. The more outrageous, the better! Dee is obsessed with fashion design. To get inspired she needs 3 things: her sketchbook, lucky pincushion bracelet and her dog Le Bun!

Presenting the La Dee Da Girls

LaDeeDa1Dee Signature Doll

Meet Dee, the ultimate City Girl! She and her BFFs started a fashion label called La Dee Da. This outfit is inspired by her hometown. It’s anything but boredinary – you can change it up! Swap her flower and bow. Wear the skyline dress as an A-line or a poufy bubble skirt. Switch from leggings to leg warmers in a snap. Style her shimmery red hair, and have a blast designing your own dee-licious looks!

Dee’s outfit was inspired by her hometown, New York City! She’s wearing a beautiful skyline skirt that perfectly depicts NYC. And with her Statue of Liberty eye makeup she’s the perfect creative example of the big apple. She even comes with inspired shoes, earrings and jewelry!

La Dee Da Runway Vacay

The girls of La Dee Da are taking a fashion field trip around the world! They’ve each designed outfits inspired by their favorite places! With each doll you’ll discover a different international fashion theme from locations like India, France, Japan and Africa!

A Runway Vacay!

Dee as Bollywood Bright

Dee’s fashion field trip outfit is inspired by India! She’s obsessed with her sari-style dress and long pink hair! With the addition of henna makeup and tons of gems, she’s got a spicy-hot Bollywood look! Dee as Bollywood Bright also comes with a fashion activity book with a jet-setting craft idea for you!


Tylie as Kabuki Cutie

Tylie created this rad plaid look for her trip to Tokyo! It’s inspired by a Japanese comic book. She has hue-mongous corkscrew curls and two fabulous hair accessories: a parasol and a cherry blossom! Tylie as Kabuki Cutie also comes with a fashion activity book with a global-glam craft idea for you!

Cyanne as Viva La FrancepTRUCA1-13903013dt

Cyanne has ALWAYS wanted to visit Paris. Check out that Eiffel tower hair accessory and fancy French hairdo! The ♥ on her mini-dress is inspired by the City of Love. Ooh la la!

pTRUCA1-13903015dtSloane as Safari Dreams

Sloane is psyched to go to Africa. She mixed animal prints and faux fur to create a ferocious new look. How much do you love that wild purple hair?!

My  Thoughts

I find these dolls interesting as they are trying to inspire girls to discover fashion in a different way.   I am not a super fashion type of person myself but I like that my clothes mix and matches.     These dolls are different than other dolls invading the market and are a flair of their own.  

Their legs are somewhat bendable, and their body not too provoking.  They are designed as though they are teenagers themselves and doesn’t wear revealing clothes.    I find their head a bit huge compared to their bodies.  However, I am impressed with the fact that they are not hideous like other dolls I have seen in the past.   These dolls can be used to discover a new country with your daughter if you want to.   Why not incorporating a bit of learning while playing?   It’s the best way to learn I find.  With the La Dee Da Runway Vacay, you can discover India, Japan, France and Africa.   All you need if a bit of creativity and some maps to make the learning fun for your daughter.

These dolls are definitively different than what you usually in stores throughout the year.  They are innovative and fun to look at.   You can put them on a stand in the room of the child or play with them.   They come with a fashion activity book with a craft idea for the girl in your life.

If you are looking for a fun doll for a little girl in your life, why not consider the La Dee Da Girls?   They are inspiring, fun to discover and could encourage the child to experiment with her own fashion. 

The La Dee Da Dolls are available at your favourite toystore, even


Disclaimer: Thanks to SpinMaster for sending the products mentioned above for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome review!! Am looking to get one for my niece :D
    ....I think the big head, small body thing is because it's cute. You'll see lots of things on the market made like that. Kind of like :D