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Top 5 Favorites Items from New Leaf Publishing in 2012

MomsMasterBooksBefore I became an official Mom of Master Books last month, I have gotten their book for the previous two years and review numerous ones.    For December, it was suggested that we list our top five favorite items of the year.   Now, I haven’t been part of the group since January but numerous titles they have reviewed in the past twelve months have passed through my hands.   The first three titles I have on my fav five are three books that I have reviewed as well.   The last two are books I had purchased six years ago when I started my homeschool journey.  All five books are a marvelous addition to an homeschool or personal library.

#1 Big Book of Historybigbookofhistory_thumb

This particular book is a great tool to have in your homeschool especially if you are a Christian because it will give you the Christian perspective of History.   Not only that but you will end up having a HUGE timeline on your floor when your kids are exploring it and trying to find a specific event in history.  More than 15 feet of history that could be discovered with your kids while doing history lessons.  

And to top it off, there is a Teacher’s guide of 32 pages that could be downloaded for free..

#2 Awesome Science

Ever wondering how the Bible can explain places like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest?  Well you are in for a treat with the Awesome Science DVDs with Noah Justice.  This young man will explain in clear terms how the Bible can explain these places.   Let your family be transported in fabulous places and be in awe with God’s work in nature.   And to complete the lesson you can get a study guide which contains activities to help the information you have learned while watching the DVD sink into your brain and being absorb. There will be fill in the blanks, discussion questions, true/false questions, as well as bonus activities to do.  


New titles have also been released this month to complete this awesome science video library for your homeschool.

madeinheaven_thumb3#3 Made in Heaven

I recently reviewed Made in Heaven and I was speechless by the quality of the text and the picture in it.   Not only do you discover how things we use on a daily basis (or not so daily basis) have been created from observing the world around us but you also see the great creativity of God when he created everything.  It was fun to read about the new money that we have in Canada and how they made it happened.    Recently we got some 50$ and 20$ with the new polymer bills and also learned that you have to be cautious when dealing with these as they stick to each other like a gecko would stick on a wall.   

This book is a great addition for your personal library and would be a perfect book to read daily to learn more about science and creation at the same time.

#4 Complete Zoo Adventurecomplete-zoo-adventure

This book has been part of our lives for numerous years already.   Every time we go to a zoo, I bring this marvelous teaching book on animals.     It is packed with information about the animals you will encounter at the zoo and doesn’t contain evolution reference.   Each time we explore this book, we end up learning something new.   For example,did you know that polar bears has a third eyelid that acts as sunglasses in order to protect it from snow blindness? 


The Complete Zoo Adventure sets the stage for learning with "Before the Zoo" preparations, gives you the tools you need for an awesome "At the Zoo" experience, and then continues to deepen the understanding of God's Creation with fabulous "After the Zoo" activities.   You will also find seven devotionals, encounter fabulous creature, learn more about creation, get some scripture memory aids and more.   It a great book to have and own in your personal library and to bring with you when you visit a zoo!

complete-aquarium-adventure#5 Complete Aquarium Adventure

This book goes hand-in-hand with the Complete Zoo Adventure.    You will learn about amphibians, aquatic birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, pelicans, penguins, clownfish, eels, sea dragons, jellyfish, sharks, coral octopus, sting rays, and even whale sharks.   Similarly to the Complete Zoo Adventure, this book is designed for a on-the-go learning experience when you go to the aquarium, the lake or the beach.    It includes devotionals and other materials that will help you prepare your under-the-water exploration with your family.  

  • At this point in time, there isn’t an aquarium near where we live.  There was talked of building one downtown at some point but the project never materialized.   However, while in Toronto last summer, we discovered that an aquarium is getting build in the downtown core which is quite exciting (though parking will be extremely difficult…).   I can’t wait to visit this new attraction in Toronto in the future.  You can bet that the Complete Aquarium Adventure will follow us during our explorations.


These are five fabulous books and DVDs to own in your personal library.  I highly recommend each and every single one of them.  

2012 was a great year for new products at New Leaf Publishing.  I am quite curious to see what will be coming in 2013.  


These products are available at your favorite bookstore, even (except the DVDs) and

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