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Pocket Genius Ancient Egypt

9780756698133HPocket Genius Ancient Egypt
Published at DK Canada

About the book

The prefect sized books for backpacks, DK's Pocket Genius series is bright, inviting, concise, and punchy — the ideal source for reference. Featuring essential information, full-color images, glossary, and top ten lists, these books are a brand-new type of encyclopedia for young readers.

King Tut, Egyptian gods, camels, pyramids, and more — with Pocket Genius Ancient Egypt, readers will learn about the ancient and intriguing land of Egypt.

My Thoughts

Ancient Egypt is a subject that is covered in history lessons at school and in homeschool.   And books are references that are cracked open on this subject as it’s rare that your class can go to a field trip in Cairo unless you have the Magic School Bus that is…  *grin*

So to get information on how Egyptians lived back in the days you need books.   And personally I like have a variety of books on one subject when we are studying it.  So I am pleased to present you the Pocket Genius Ancient Egypt today.     The book will cover almost everything that is known about this ancient civilization.    At the beginning of the book, you can learn about the Nile River, the history of ancient Egypt, writing and warfare.  Once you have learn about these you can jump in specific detailed information about Ancient Egypt like:

  • Ancient Egyptians will talk about the royal life and the people part of this category of people.
  • Tombs and Monuments will present the pyramids, tombs and monuments build during that time period.
  • Religion will talk about the priests, rituals, mummies, gods, goddesses, temples, sacred artifacts and more.
  • Daily Life will provide interesting information about their home, clothes, toys, games, music, hunting, fishing, farming, and more.

Finally at the end of the book, you can discover fascinating facts, have a quick glance of Egypt and learn more about Hieroglyphs.

While going through this book, I learned that Pharaohs had many wives but only one held the title of “Great Royal Wife” and ruled by him as queen.   I also learned the kind of food they ate – bread made of barley, wheat and figs as well as dates and figs.   Which reminds me that one fruit I want to have in 2013 is the fig as I never had any so far in my life.

Check out some of the pages in the book.


I am very happy to have this book in our homeschool library as it is a fun reference to have.  The Pocket Genius books are fabulous to carry around when you drive to events or travel as they don’t take too much space and are small enough to have in a bag.

The Pocket Genius series has eight titles at this point in time: Rocks and Minerals, Animals, Sharks, Dinosaurs, Space, Earth, Bugs, and Ancient Egypt. Other titles comings in 2013 will be Mammals, Horses, Human Body, and Science.

Pocket Genius Ancient Egypt is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


The book is also available in the Kindle format.

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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