Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mosaic Reviews–A Medley of Review Perspective

Fall back a few months from now.   I saw an opportunity to participate to a new endeavor called Mosaic Reviews and decided to apply on it.  I really enjoyed being part of the review team when I was on the TOS Homeschool Crew as it opened up opportunities for me to get homeschool products that I wouldn’t be able to afford.   God has blessed me so much since I started homeschooling more than 6 years ago.  I received wonderful products for my kids either via the Crew, some publishers and even with free items through my homeschool association one night. 

Mosaic Reviews will be different as this time it’s not only homeschoolers that are part of the team.   It will be a medley of enthusiastic people – mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, single, married, teen, homeschooler,…  I will also have the opportunity to learn new techniques with a training program set up for us – the reviewers.   

I am so looking forward to connect with the rest of the people on Mosaic Reviews and work again with my friends Heidi and Brenda.

2013 will be a great year!   Keep an eye on the Mosaic Reviews logo you will find on my blog. 

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