Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All About Reading - What Am I?

What Am I? – a collection of short stories.

Written by Marie Rippel and Renée LaTulippe
All About Reading Level 2 Vol 1.

Here’s come a new reader from the owners of the All About Spelling Program. This reader is the second book of the Beehive Reader Books.

I haven’t got the opportunity to review the All About Spelling Program or the Beehive Reader 1. I understand that What Am I? could be coordinated with the first 14 steps in All About Spelling Level 2. However, it can be used without the All About Spelling program as well. The book contains interesting stories that will catch the imagination of the kids who read it as well as wonderful drawings that accompanied the stories.   I particularly like the fact that the book is hard cover which is such a blessing when you have multiple children in a house.

As soon as our copy came in the house, my oldest son, who is 8, sat down with it and read it cover to cover in one sitting. Mind you, this book is quite easy for him to read but he loved the illustrations. The stories are very fun to read and cute to look at. The details in the illustration are quite stunning and demonstrate that color is not always a priority in book. All the stories are interesting but the one we particularly like is the one that gave the title of the book – What Am I? I was reading the clues and the kids were trying to find the answers. It was quite interesting to see them trying to figure out the clues and yell the answer to me.   I am looking forward to let my other kids read this wonderful little book when they will be more fluent in their reading.   

This new reading program is in the works as I write this. It could be used as a stand-alone program but in the end it will perfectly follow the All About Spelling program. From what I understand, the All About Reading program will include decoding skills, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and tons of reading practice. Coming winter of 2010, All About Reading- Level 1 will be a comprehensive multisensory reading program. From the quality of the book I have in my hands, I suspect that the kids would like to pick it up over and over again.

Book 1 of the Beehive Reader is titled Cobweb the Cat. It can be purchased at All About Spelling for 19.95$US.

Book 2 of the Beehive Reader is titled What Am I? It will be officially released on April 1st.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Who Am I? from All About Reading through the TOS Homeschool Crew.

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