Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canada Is For Kids


Canada Is For Kids Teaching Kit – Songs and Stories of Canada’s Heritage
2nd Edition (2010)
From Michael Mitchell

While on Facebook one day, I saw this ad for Canada Is For Kids.   Curious about it since I was looking for Canadian products to include in our homeschool, I clicked on it.

I was brought to the site of Michael Mitchell – – and discover and interesting product that could be used in a school and/or homeschool (with a little bit of tweaking).

This product is a full package of teaching resources to help a school to prepare for a Michael Mitchell – Canada Is For Kids school concert.   Mind you, I think this can be used in a homeschool environment as well.   In a family, you could easily teach the songs included on the removable disk you receive to your kids so they can have a taste of songs and stories of our heritage.   Included on this portable storage disk are the vocal and instrumental songs .   Even a group of homeschoolers could get together to prepare a fun concert for fellow homeschoolers!

Also included are more resources like reproducible lyric sheets, the Big Canadian Music Book, a ton of information on O Canada including 4 different recordings (English, French, Bilingual and Instrumental) of our National Anthem, a little cartoon titled Canada in My Pocket, Lecture notes, Games, Coloring Book, Life in Canada and more.

I’m quite excited about this product.   Not only it contains songs I grew up with (well the French ones anyway) but it will permit me to get exposed to English folklore songs that I don’t know.    I find this a wonderful addition when we study the Canadian geography from the east coast to the west coast.    I particularly enjoyed the little cartoon titled Canada In My Pocket which presents all the different types of money we have in a fun and informative way.   It is a cute little song that I think everyone should see it.   Too bad that it didn’t include the looney and tooney (the 1$ and 2$ we have…)!

I find it important that children be introduced to the origins of the national anthem especially for homeschoolers.   My kids go to Awana and before they go in their own groups, they will sing the O Canada as well as the Awana song.    This year, I planned to go through the process of learning the lyrics of the English, French and even the Bilingual version of our national Anthem with the kids.   Not only would it be good for them to know it but it would be great for me too.    I personally know the French version no problem but the English and Bilingual version is not my forte.  So together we will learn the lyrics and know the song by heart.   Even my almost three year old is singing O Canada partially now.    Sweet!

You can listen to music sample directly from Michael Mitchell site!

The Canada Is For Kids Teaching Kit is available directly from Michael Mitchell website for the price of 45$ Canadian.

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