Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheerios Milestones


Milestones…  Whether it’s discovering finger foods, saying their first word,
or taking their very first steps, we as parents cherish each
and every one of our children’s milestones.   And Cheerios has
been a part of our life for many years since 2001.

I remember when I brought back our first born at home.   I had no clue how having kids would impact my life.  Today, four kids later I can honestly say that I would not trade them for all the money of the world.   Throughout the past 9 years or so, we had our share from milestones from first real food to taking their first steps, having spaghetti, liking the batter, using a bike, and so on.   More will be coming like babysitting the younger siblings, learning to drive, first girlfriend and boyfriend, going to college or university, getting married and having kids of their own.   

I miss having a little one in my arms but at the same time I am looking forward for the day when we won’t have diapers in the house anymore.   Freedom is at the doorsteps because in a couple of years my oldest will be able to babysit his siblings and the youngest will be older which means more interesting trips while rving…

I’ve included some pictures of milestones of each kids throughout the years.


Who hasn’t have a picture of their kids eating spaghetti with their hands for the first time?   We sure do and Alexandre was our first one to experience this…   

This cute orange face is adorable I think.

Alexandre also was the first we brought to CHEO when he broke his arm when he was 4 3/4 – not a fun experience since he ended needing surgery.   *sigh*





My kids are involved in various ways during the cooking of meals or desserts.

The three oldest ones have taken cooking courses with mom at Upstairs at Loblaws.   They loved it.   The two older ones can now go by themselves at the lessons on Friday nights.

Here, Dominic is being a BIG chef and licking the batter…   I remember doing that often when I was a kid.   Problem is with four kids I have to be creative in who licks what… *grin*





Jérémy has always loved yogourt… To the point that we had to control his craving.   I know yogourt is good but the kid could go through a twelve pack in a day….   Yikes!

At one point I couldn’t find him anywhere.   Not in his bedroom, not in the living room, nowhere in sight.   I think Alexandre found him eventually hiding behind the island while eating his favourite snack – Yogourt.   No one…. but multiple ones…!

At that point, we had to put something to keep the door of the fridge closed… LOL



My little Jasmine is my sweet little girl.    With her I experienced dresses and pinks and purples.    She crawled differently than the boys – in a very girly way.   She walked differently too – on her tippy toes.    She went on her first fishing trip this summer and touched a fish for the first time.   

Jasmine loves Dora and calls her Coconut.  (Don’t ask me why!)


This blog tour is the spread the word about a wonderful contest called “Cheerios Milestones”    To participate it is simple, you to http://www.cheerios.ca/milestones/default.aspx and upload your favourite picture of your child.    Twenty finalists will get the change to have their picture appear on a special edition of a Cheerios box and win Cheerios for a year!   (That’s a lot of snacks and breakfast for you!).

Also a lucky grand prize winner will walk away with $10,000 towards an RESP from TD Canada Trust.   Your child will be set up for pursuing studies in a college or university.

Contest closes December 15, 2010 so hurry up and participate!




I’ve participated to this contest and it is as easy as saying 1-2-3.   Simply follow the instructions to upload your picture and you will receive an email confirming that your picture was approved within a couple of days.  Jasmine was my subject for the contest.   I had recently took a cute little picture of her and thought it was beautiful for this contest.   My girl likes have bags and her sunglasses.    I thought she looked very stylish when I saw the result…  Don’t you think?

I have a mini Milestones giveaway for my readers!

I am asking you to share a story of a milestone that one of your kids has went through.   Be honest about it and gives details.    One lucky reader will receive a Cheerios playbook (see below).    This contest is open for Canadians ONLY!    Contest closes on October 29th.   


Disclosure - I am participating in the Cheerios Milestones program by Mom Central on behalf of General Mills. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. A big milestone of my pregnancy (that I have been able to avoid till now) are those long, red, stretch marks around my belly! They look like dazzle strips up and down my belly, some pink, some purple, some red... I had been using cocoa butter up until now to "reduce and prevent" stretch marks but every mom tells me they are inevitable. Oh well, they are in full force as of a few days ago!