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Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure

charlie-trike Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure (The Green Notebook Series)
Written by Ken Ham and Karen Hansel
Published at Master Books

About the book

Hey, kids! Grab your explorer’s cap and get ready for this one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon adventure! Charlie, a spirited monkey, and his triceratops buddy, Trike, set off with a burly one-eyed tour guide to hike deep into the Grand Canyon. But there’s trouble on the trail when Charlie goes off on his own to dig for fossils. What’s more, Charlie’s convinced the tour guide is a thief, but any plans to catch him are quickly foiled. Once in the Canyon, Trike does his best to explain to his friend the worldwide Flood and why we can trust the Bible. Finally, with the tour guide’s help, Charlie understands the truth in a way that will change his life forever.

Our Thoughts

I sat down yesterday afternoon, to read this book to the kids.   They were all gathering up next to me to hear the story and see the pages…  With four kids it was crowded!   I don’t know how families with multiple children do it during read-along time.   *grin*    It was nice to have all of them around me though so I won’t complain.

We have never been to the Grand Canyon and this is a dream of mine to bring my family one day there.   So we set up and discovered the Grand Canyon with a monkey and a dinosaur.  They kids enjoyed the story and marvelled at the colourful pictures in the book.   They had fun to discover special pages, open mini books of information about the Grand Canyon and more.   I would also love to see a sample of a fossil.   We have such a thing in our house since we visit the Science North Museum this past September.    There was a huge table where the kids could go through some rock to find fossils and bring what they found.   We took one with us leaving others for people to find.

Back to the book…  During the reading of the story, you have a mysterious thief who steal the food in the backpack.   You will also learn about the Grand Canyon and how it was formed, discover why fossils of sea creatures are found there, get introduced with Charlie to the Flood and Noah, explore the rock layers and more.   Throughout the book, Charlie also writes in his Green Notebook about what he discovered and learned.   What a great way to introduce nature journaling to the kids! 

The book kept the interest of my kids from beginning to the end.   And having a child who reads fluently was nice.   Alexandre and I took turns to read in the book.   I would read the story and he would take over and read the multiple little booklets inside the book.    And when I was done with the story, my daughter, Jasmine, took the book and look at me and said “Read again mommy!” .   I had to take care of supper so she sat down and went through the pages once more.  

See for yourself what the book looks like!

The adventure is not finished.   At the end of the book, you have an invitation to come and explore the Creation Museum.   This is another place we are planning to visit in the future.    It looks totally wonderful.

Mind you, I suspect that the authors will be writing more books with Charlie and Trike.  Why?  Simply because on the cover of the book you have the words The Green Notebook Series.   I am looking forward to see what other adventure Charlie and Trike will have in the future.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure from Master Books.

Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure is available everywhere even at

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