Tuesday, October 5, 2010


creation Creation
By David & Helen Haidle and Mary Hake
Published at Master Books

About the book

Young learners discover Creation with 13 integrated, fun-filled lessons! Each 10-page set of instructions include math, english, science, art, spelling, and physical activities.

Designed for first to fourth graders, bonus activities are also included for older and younger students so families can learn together. Web site links enhance and expand the scope of each Creation day lesson, while key Bible verses link creation-themed concepts to the imaginative and fun activities.

From light to the day of rest, the curriculum lesson book is adaptable to a variety of Christian education settings - from homeschool to Sunday schools. Written by a homeschooling mom, who has over 25 years in Christian education experience. Creation is an exceptional supplement to your learning program. There are also 12 character studies included

My Thoughts

Written for children ages 6 to 10, this book will teach the kids about creation. Each lesson will explore a variety of activities touching subjects like bible study, math, language arts, science, art, spelling and physical activities. It will also encourages character development like special lessons titled Character Connections on wisdom, faith, purity, responsibility, diligence, honesty, cooperation, peace, kindness, respect, obedience and thankfulness.

Various schedules are offered with this curriculum. You could do a four weeks study of creation, six weeks study of creation, thirteen weeks study of creation or twelve weeks of Character Connections. This book is very versatile and easy to adapt for each situation.   There is also the opportunity of downloading more fun activities from the website of Master Books and complete the lessons with them.

When we received the book, my oldest son grabbed it and checked it out. He quickly came back to me saying “I can’t wait to go through this book. It looks fun!” Since this book cover grade 1 to 4, I am using it with my two oldest kids, Dominic who is 6 and starting grade 1 and Alexandre who is 9 and in grade 4.

This book is packed with activities to help the kids to understand the lesson.   From Mathematics to Languages Arts, it also contains science experiments to do together.    We cracked open this beautiful book while we were travelling and we are not ready to put is aside just yet.    While on the road with our RV we discover the various properties of light and what it would be liked to live without it.    When I told them that in the Artic there are long days in the dark for the people living there they were curious about it.   So we had an interesting discussion about living there and how the darkness has control for half the year while the light takes over the other half of the year.    We also experimented with the flashlight and separating the light in various colors.    They loved seeing the rainbow on the walls of the RV!   Having experimented with the book while travelling, we can’t wait to discover more of it now that we are back home.    This book is definitively a wonderful addition in our homeschool as it present various science experiments based on the creation days.

This curriculum can be used with the book The Creation Story for Children written by the same authors.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Creation from Master Books.

Creation is available everywhere even at amazon.ca.

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